THANK YOU for taking your music blog experience to the next level at This site is created to be a professional music blog with a constant flow of updates. This site is for music fans and music industry professionals who want to have a deeper reading and understanding of the actual music, the business ideas, and industry news mostly in mainstream as well as underground music culture. Multidimensional-Music is run, created, and written solely by Jeff Benjamin, a Music and Journalism student at New York University.

Site created in January 2011.

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Multidimensional Music Blog reaches over 8,000 viewers a month in its 6th month active.

DISCLAIMER: This site is to provide a professional and interesting view on music and music business news. The site does not claim any media (music, videos, etc.) as its own unless stated. It is ALWAYS encouraged to legally support the artists and musicians posted on here. While only high quality news is posted, it may be rumor-filled and should not be thought of as fact until confirmed by an official party or source. If there are any problems with the content or you would like to get in touch, please contact Thank you!

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