Hey mash-up artists, want to get featured on Perez Hilton? I got a hint: use one of his favorite artists. In a chat with mash-up duo The Jane Doze (more on that coming soon), we explored the idea of getting featured on blogs looking particular at the relationship between “Vampire Diaries” actress and hopeful singer Kat Graham and controversial blogger Perez Hilton. He features her frequently on his site with posts about her music career and had a spot at his SXSW show. And with Perez’s love of Graham, several mash-up artists have benefited as well.

Mash-up artist Marc Johnce has 760 followers (@marcjohnce) on Twitter (to compare, I have a similar number). And yet his mash-ups (which have used Graham more than once) have been featured on Perez Hilton several times. Even today, a parody of Graham’s latest single “Put Your Graffiti On Me” is the featured sidebar story on Perez’s site. 

Mash-up artists can find popular blogs and websites, and follow their music tastes. Reaching out with your mash-ups via social media like Facebook and Twitter where it just takes a click to hear/see your mash-up could definitely get you a featured post. Especially if its an up and coming artist who the blogger has taken under their wing, using their music could get you on the site.

The only issue comes is if you want to sacrifice the music YOU want to make with the music to appeal to these bloggers. As long as you are fine doing this (are you OK with a lot of Kat Graham in your mash-ups?) it could pay off in getting fans and following better than blindly sharing your mash-ups. But then again, Johnce still only has 700 followers…

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