With the mindset of turning their love of electronic dance music into something positive, popular mash-up artist/remixer/producer 3lau is looking to raise enough money to start a school in an underprivileged country. Last night (April 23), 3lau released the video where he explains how fortunate he feels for his education as he attends a great school of Washington University in St. Louis. He wants to grant this same blessing to those less fortunate and is looking to his fans to make this a reality in conjunction with the Pencils of Promise charity. Can he do it?

 3lau’s plan is to sell a remix he created titled “James Egbert – Back To New (3LAU Remix)” for $2.50 via popular digital remix marketplace Beatport. With all the money he earns from this remix, 3lau plans to match those donations from his own pocket.

His video has racked up 20,000+ views and he has already raised $1,255 thus far from strictly just donations before the remix has even been officially released.

No numbers to gawk at, but $1,255 represents only 5% of his goal (10% if you count his doubling of all donations). While the track is still yet to be released, I do find it interesting selling the track for the price of $2.50. People hardly pay for music, much less when its $1.29 on the convenient iTunes or even at $0.69 on AmazonMP3 or Google Play. But $2.50? Albeit for a remix. Ideally, people will be encouraged by the great cause to pay over what could thought to be a “rip off” for a single remix.

I also wonder about the mash-up community at large who would be so used to getting music by 3lau and other similar artists for free since they cannot legally sell it due to not owning the rights. 3lau can sell tickets for a live show of 15,000 people (as evidenced by the video), but can he get that many people to pay for the track? I wonder.

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think about the initiative. I will be watching the project as well as reaching out to 3lau himself.

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