One of South Korea’s most popular groups SHINee (who performed in New York’s SM Town concert in Madison Square Garden that I reported on for Billboard) has made their Korean comeback with an extremely interesting lead single. The group has combined two tracks on their new EP “Sherlock” to create a proper mash-up track that shares its title with their EP. Their comeback single combines two tracks “Clue” and “Note” to make an extremely strong and catchy single. Check it out after the cut.

The first track “Clue” acts as the basis for most of the production of the track. The wobbling, electronic backing paired with the exciting horn blasts make up the song’s heart and instantly catch your ear. The song lacks a major chorus though and as the song is about to climax into a big chorus, it decrescendos into a rap section.

That’s where the other half of the mash-up single, “Note,” comes in. The energy overall is much higher on “Note” with the production kicking off with a ton of big horns leading us into the first verse. The verses see the members of SHINee wailing and hitting notes that may not be as accessible as the easier, laid back verses of “Clue.” Yet, the chorus is absolutely inescapable with its “Oh! I’m curious! Yeah!” lead with the huge horns we heard in “Clue.”

The bridge section belongs to “Note” as “Clue” did not have much of a bridge section ultimately.

And the result? An extremely strong, K-Pop track and one of the most interesting single to come out of South Korea, “Sherlock,” that SHINee have been promoting as their comeback single after spending the past year and a half promoting in Japan.

SHINee’s record label, SM Entertainment, are labeling the track as  a “hybrid remix” to go along with their new EP which includes both this track, “Clue,” “Note,” and four other tracks. It’s good that they included four other tracks because ultimately “Sherlock” may have been received as a little bit of a rip-off when it just combines two other tracks.

I wonder if other artists will begin doing this or if we’ll this is a new trend in K-Pop. It could make a lot of fans happy as it’s like the artist is promoting two songs at once while still getting two new tracks, plus this “hybrid remix.” As long as new material is not lacking, which it is not here with SHINee’s new EP also including four new tracks (a good amount for an EP), there shouldn’t be any problems. If artists are only releasing these mash-up tracks, it may look lazy, but for now, it looks like SHINee’s onto something.

Check out the music video below:

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