While Nadine premiered a new track “Save Me” at her New York performance on September 16th, I have some exclusive info regarding an unreleased track Nadine recorded during her initial “Insatiable” recording sessions. When I talk to people, whether they be artists or my friends, I pride myself on getting the person(s) I interview to reveal something they hadn’t before and make our talk remarkable and Nadine opened up about her “subconscious” writing style that ended up creating an unreleased track “Loving The Big Shark.”

When looking back to the writing and recording process for her “Insatiable” album (released Nov. 8, 2010) Nadine opened up about her artistic process and how she eventually created one particular track, that did not end up on the initial version of the “Insatiable” album. Check out our exclusive:

It [the “Insatiable” album] was so special looking back. Sometimes when I write songs, its kind of almost coming from my subconscious speaking. My subconscious is talking about how I feel, even though I haven’t realized it yet. I’ll listen back on these songs…

There was a song I wrote around the “Insatiable” time with Mike Elizondo [well-known songwriter, bassist, keyboardist, and hip hop music producer], and it’s called “Loving The Big Shark.” It’s basically about a relationship and how I feel. And now, I listen back at it and I’m like “Oh my god, that was my subconscious!” Because I didn’t know I felt like that! It’s amazing to listen back with this stuff.

Now the question remains if we will see this track ending up on the American release of “Insatiable.” And who do you think this track is about? Nadine was with former fiance, NFL Footballer Jason Bell, during much of the recording process for “Insatiable,” but perhaps this was a secret indication all was not 100% right?

Nadine also revealed in our talk that she was encouraged to keep a lot of the material similar to the Girls Aloud sound. Perhaps this song was too different from that sound? We already know she’s listed Swedish indie-pop singer Lykke Li (who has her own share of darker music) as an influence for the new album and sound, could we be seeing a darker Nadine for her American release? Will Americans be drawn to this? What do you think? I’m eager to hear…that is, if its ever released!


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