An exciting announcement coming to! I am currently submerging myself in a particular beat that I am passionate about and want to fully envelope myself within: the international music beat.

Being in New York City, this is THE place for stars from across the globe to try and hit. There’s too much great music and musicians that don’t get noticed stateside to go unnoticed. Multidimensional-Music has always posted about international stars, but now we’re going to get deeper.

With some big exciting projects I’m taking on solely myself, that may or may not be published in a big publication, the artists I’m meeting, the events I’m witnessing, and the information I’m learning is too good to keep to myself.

THUS, why I bring you the International Music Project that I will be posting my hourly/daily/weekly findings and commentary on international music stars trying to break into the US; specifically looking at their efforts in New York.

By just being on this site more and more often I will be posting more original posts as well as my commentary and findings from this specific beat.

As you can see from the photo above, check out a (slightly unfortunate) photo of Girls Aloud main vocalist Nadine Coyle and I. Most information about that experience coming at you soon!

Stay tuned…

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