In the first installment of the many exclusive updates coming to Multidimensional Music this summer, I give you the finishing touches on an interview with Jessie and The Toy Boys. Jessie currently got a huge, huge opportunity opening for Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj in the Femme Fatale Tour going across the U.S. now. (Let me remind you, Lady GaGa also was on a huge tour before her album came out which is quite rare. But that was New Kids On The Block.) Check out more of the intelligent and lovely Jessie below:

M-M.net: Your music is worldwide in all continents and territories. Were you planning on looking at a specific market or area first?

Jessie: I actually don’t really have the answer to that. I think we’re going to see what happens naturally.

M-M.net: You’re realizing that you have fans in all these different territories. I’m noticing that you’re very into your fan interactions going about very cool, very atypical ways of connecting with them. You had a fan design the single cover of “We Own The Night,” you hosted a remix contest with Indaba Music. Can you talk about this huge emphasis you place?

I think it’s because they’ve stood by me. I’m an independent artist in many ways. I haven’t been on a major label since 2007. It’s funny because I read things online like, “Yeah it would be good…but her label; she needs more promotion” from things I put out independently. I don’t think people realize I put things out independently .That’s the funny thing. For a long time, it’s just been me. Between me and my fans. That’s why I’m so into interacting with them. They give me ideas, they inspired me. Their opinions, it matters to me a lot. I try really hard to make the best product for them. At the end of the day, it’s all about them. That’s why I’m really into interacting with them.

I love it! When I get home I open up my laptop, even if it’s four in the morning, and I still personally go on all my social media outlets and talk to people because I love getting their feedback. I love seeing what they’re into and what their favorite tracks are. The artwork contest was my idea and I’m really glad we did that because I think the artwork’s amazing. They’re so talented as well. Again, with the Internet in this day in age, it’s like the Wild West, the rules are changing, asking them to provide artwork, two or 3 years ago that would be totally unheard of. You’d have to be some big graphic designer.

M-M.net: I’m just loving seeing all these exciting outlets and I’m sure your fans are loving it too.

Jessie: Thanks!

M-M.netAre you looking for a label to sign with or are you happy with the independent route?

Jessie: No, I’m really happy with my team. I found an amazing team last year. I love, love my management team. Again, like I said, it’s the Wild West and the business is changing. I don’t’ think it’s about that anymore. I don’t think it’s about being signed to a major label and doing things the traditional route. I think it’s actually quite the opposite. Having been on both sides of it, I’m much happier now because you just have so much more creative control; you don’t have to wait. I always say that I don’t believe good things come to those who wait, I believe good things comes to those who want something so bad you can’t wait. And sometimes in that system all you’re doing is waiting. I’m really happy right now.

M-M.net: Visual elements seem to be really important to you. Whether it’s the look, the feel, the photos of your work, I can tell the visual side of your work is a significant one.

Jessie: Absolutely! The visual side of it is huge for me. I’m really involved with the art direction and everything. Music videos, photo shoots, all that. I love cartoons, pop art, comic books. I love high fashion, I read fashion magazines all the time. I try to treat everything almost like a high fashion, editorial shoot. Just because I think the visual side of it, it’s so important. I try to create thought provoking visuals for my fans. I think the Toy Boys just add a really cool element to everything visually.

M-M.net: Do you have a favorite toy boy?

Jessie: No, I love them equally!

Jessie and The Toy Boys’ debut EP “Show Me Your Tan Lines” featuring “Push It” (above) and more is out now. Jessie will be on tour throughout the summer on The Femme Fatale Tour. (iTunes)

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