Hey guys! Summer is upon us and whether you knew or not, but I am currently embarking on the journey I originally put myself on with this blog in the real world now! I am writing for Billboard both online and in the actual magazine. That being said, there’s only so much music I can write about in a day. While trying to balance two jobs, make money, and still have time to read, relax, and fully take advantage of my summer…this blog, however near and dear it is to my heart, will need to take a backseat.

Yet, because it is so near and dear AND because I AM still writing about the elements that this blog was created on, you will be in Multidimensional Music’s Summer Version where you will get strictly the best and most exclusive updates!

When I do interviews or get exclusive information, it’s a reality that not all of it gets printed or published. So, when you see a post here at, it’s because its no one else has it and the information HAS to get out because I know how important that is for fans; I’m one myself, obviously. Song Of The Day will be updated as much as possible with stuff you guys just got to hear.

I am on solid ground with my summer now and in order to do the best work I can at my job, I have to make that my first priority, but I have not forgotten about my followers and readers.

Keep checking back…lots of exciting news to come. In the meantime, check out and flood the posts I write with comments 😉


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