An artist I’ve been pushing for awhile now, Natalia Kills, announced the next single from her debut album Perfectionist (out in select European areas) will be “Free,” with a new version featuring the man who signed her And don’t worry, he doesn’t ruin the song! (Well unless you can get past him saying he wants to go shopping). Natalia’s working hard with a new feature on LMFAO‘s new album as well as a just confirmed collaboration with Wynter Gordon. It’s all after the jump, lots of great music and news featuring the lovely Kills!

First news comes that the third official single by Natalia Kills will be “Free” with the single version including The song doesn’t have the same dark edge as “Mirrors” or “Wonderland,” but is still a musical force on its own. “Mirrors” ended up becoming quite the success in select territories in like hitting Top 10 in Austria & Germany and just missing the #1 spot by hitting #2 in Poland which led to her album finally being released (the same can’t be said for the inferior “Wonderland” yet).

Still the track has a fun, bopping flow to it and Will gives a nice, monotone rap addition to the track giving it a little more recognizability for listeners. I hope it works out for her! I could see this song getting a big response if the cards are played well.

I really wasn’t in love with Natalia’s album upon first listen, but the more I see her still pushing and the more I see her as an artist I fall more and more in love with her and the album itself. “Mirrors” is still a monster song in its own way so I still hope that song gets the chance it deserves, but we’ll have to see. Take a listen:

“Free” Natalia Kills featuring

In another collaboration, Natalia is featured on LMFAO’s new single “Champagne Showers.” Unfortunately, this song isn’t showing much of Natalia as an artist as the pitch on her vocals have been completely altered (except for a few ad libs) taking her to an unidentifiable baby-high sound. I mean, it sounds cool and the more I listen the more I get hooked on it. The production is top notch filled with a waterfall of synthesizers, but Natalia’s baby-vocals are a little off a turn off initially and I would have rather heard HER as I’m sure she would have killed it with her natural vocals! Still, if its a hit (and looking how “Party Rock” featuring fellow somewhat unknown female singer Lauren Bennett of Paradiso Girls “fame” [who wanna get f**ked up?!] became a worldwide smash single, it’s looking very likely!) it could lead to Natalia having more success with her future projects worldwide…especially with “Free” being so catchy!

“Champagne Showers” LMFAO featuring Natalia Kills

In other exciting news for the dark diva, Wynter Gordon has recently confirmed that she will “definitely collab” with Natalia. These are two underrated divas that are loved in respective territories (Natalia Eastern Europe, Wynter down under) and a collaboration bringing their two unique styles (Natalia dark pop, Wynter deeper dance pop) is EXTREMELY anticipated by me and I’m sure the fellow underground pop community. Exciting!!!! Can’t wait!

What do you think of Natalia Kills’ recent projects? Are you a fan? Lets discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. Wes says:

    Not a huge fan of “Champagne Shower”. I like Natalia’s solo stuff a lot more, but i think “Free” is really catchy. If it puts her on the map, then I’m okay with this being the world’s introduction to her as long as they hear her solo stuff eventually, cuz I don’t think “Free” really shows all she has to offer. Thanks for the tweet about this!

    • You’re welcome! And “Free” is her solo work, is added on, but I think you meant “Champagne Showers,” which does get better as you listen more to it (I’m a little addicted now!) but yes if this gets her some exposure and people realize she can sing and is a true artist on her own then I’m all for it and I’m sure she is too!

    • Jquince says:

      Check out this video!! I love this song

  2. TheJMoneyC says:

    THE MUSIC I DIE EP available in the US digitally on 6/28! Featuring her international smash hits “Dirty Talk” and “Til Death” Get it here:

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