2007 was a time of reinvention for producer Timbaland, who made his mark with artists like Aaliyah, Missy Elliot,  Ginuwine, and Tweet earlier in his career, when he came with defining new sounds for Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. Around this time with huge success attributed to his name (he was featured in both of the aforementioned artists’ comeback singles) he released his second solo album Shock Value filled with unique and interesting production and collaborations. See how Indian music found a way to influence a Tim track!

On “Bombay” Tim was joined by Jim Beanz and Amar to bring the sounds of India and Southeast Asia with a modern, hip-hop influence…and the results are amazing!

The song begins with a quirky mix of male (vocal producer & singer Jim Beanz) and female (British Indian singer Amar) vocals layering and harmonizing each other in a melodic but hauntingly beautiful way that is completely captivating for Western ears. Along with an urban beat keeping time and Timbaland telling Amar to “bring it back” and his signature DJ scratch vocalizing.

The song takes emotional turns with Amar’s wail-esque “hoo hoo’s” and Timbaland making the chorus totally his own. And while no listener from any country other than India of this song will know what Amar is saying, you’re still totally grooving and feeling what this song has to offer.

Jim Beanz’s additional vocal sections are equally top notch and give an emotional element to the song too that bring this track to the next level.

You’ll also notice this song takes an atypical structure with only one verse, chorus, and bridge section (for lack of better terms) before ending. I’m not familiar enough with Indian music to know if this is perhaps a usual structure for Indian songs or music from Bombay…perhaps I’ll look into it. Regardless, you gotta hear this one (as always)!

Shock Value was released in April 2007 featuring “Bombay” for 99 cents (iTunes)

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