If I had to choose one instrument to listen to the rest of my life I’m pretty sure it would be the harp. Which is probably why my ears automatically perked up when I heard Paloma Faith‘s “Stargazer” while listening to (the highly recommended) V.V. Brown Last.FM radio station (just click! It’s like Pandora but better!). Yet what caught me even more was the melodic “ba da ba ba da ba” chant that comes in on the eighth second of the song. BUT then it was actually Paloma’s delivery on the first verse that really caught my attention when she jumped on the attack…you gotta hear!

Over a seemingly simple beat, Paloma’s drippingly sweet voice tells the story of a star collector/tightrope walker boy and a girl who was “the talk of the town.” In the middle of telling her story with a somewhat laid back soul approach her, her voice jumps the octave to finish off the verse. The instrumentation stays the same so the vocal jump is the focus of the track and is ultimately what hooked me on the track.

The dreamy chorus adds some electronic elements as well as a swooning chorus of voices that accompany Paloma’s pleads to the stargazer ending with the beautiful chant we heard at the beginning.

The song continues to progress with strings being added to the second verse, twinkling xylophones on the second chorus, until we get to the climax of the bridge that combines all the elements we were hearing built up in the song. Really a wonderful listen!

Ultimately this song is just great and apparently wasn’t even a single. This has inspired me to check out the rest of Paloma Faith’s music and is making me eagerly await her second album!

Paloma Faith’s debut album Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful? featuring “Stargazer” was released in 2009. The song is available for 99 cents. (iTunes US)

What did you think of today’s Song Of The Day? Let’s discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. macky-paige says:

    Such a great song! Have you listened to Picking Up The Pieces? One of my favs from her! You should check it out…

  2. Stargazer could be one of the best audio for a fairy tale eventually. BTW, Halley’s Comet parable is incredible inspiring. I’m totally shocked by her creativity and the way she express emotions.

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