It was an exciting day for the hot duo that is producer Alex Da Kid and his female vocalist protege Skylar Grey. The first being that the super producer (responsible for hits like Eminem & Rihanna‘s “Love The Way You Lie,” Diddy – Dirty Money‘s “Coming Home,” B.o.B. & Haley Williams‘ “Airplanes, amongst others) officially announced his new label KIDinaKORNER. Additionally, Skylar Grey (who appears on tracks with Dr. Dre, Diddy – Dirty Money, and Lupe Fiasco) premiered the teaser trailer for her buzz single “Dance Without You.”

The first news is about Alex Da Kids’ new label KIDinaKORNER that has just signed to make its home Interscope Records. This means that the music he creates on his own behalf will have a home in distributor Interscope. Kid said of the announcement:

Developing artists that influence and shape popular culture in an authentic way has always been a huge goal of mine. Jimmy Iovine [chairman of Interscope] understands that and has been a true mentor to me over the past year. I look forward to continuing all the success we have already had together.

I like that he is talking about “developing artists that shape and influence pop culture” meaning that we might be seeing artists who are given the chance to prove themselves through several releases rather than how many artists are written off as “flops” or “nobodies” if their first single or album doesn’t take off. Interscope is quite a good label for artists who do continue try their best to prove themselves (how long did it take Keri Hilson to take off?) so pairing these two is a wonderful collaboration.

I also like Alex saying they will shape pop culture in an “authentic” way, meaning we may get some actual ARTists and not just some lame, played out prepackaged people calling themselves artists *cough* Jessie J *cough* Along with Alex’s infectious production tactics (which do not guarantee a smash hit single. Remember Nicki Minaj‘s first turned buzz single “Massive Attack” or the T.I./Christina Aguilera “Castle Walls” collaboration?) these artists could, in fact, end up making big marks. While Alex has a very obvious, structure and approach to his productions, it doesn’t, or at least hasn’t yet, get old.

Interscope is the home of other top name producers like Timbaland, N.E.R.D. & Pharrell Williams, Dr. Dre, One Republic (band of Ryan Tedder),, Major Lazer, and Blaqstarr so Kid is DEFINITELY in good company. Especially as many of these producers are allowed, what seems like, the ability to experiment with their music on their releases.

Speaking of these releases, the first production of KIDinaKORNER will be singer-songwriter Skylar Grey’s debut album. In preparation for that, the two are preparing the buzz single “Dance Without You” before the official first single. In a new trailer video, we get a first small listen of the song which seems to be Kid’s most experimental production to date. It’s sounds extremely mashed up with lots of his signature drums as well as a lot of heavy hitting guitars. The song almost has a 90’s feel to it, soemthing that I could see one of those female fronted bands from the 90’s (a la Garbage or Hole) putting out. It’s interesting!! But definitely best as a buzz single. Good move.

The rest of the video shows Skylar singing the hooks she’s written, and sometimes sang, for Alex’s productions. While she sometimes sounds like she’s trying a little too hard, she’s doing the damn thing and I’m excited to see what she can bring to the table.

What are you thoughts on Alex Da Kid, his new label with Skylar Grey or her buzz single? Let’s discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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