Indie pop cutie Simon Curtis has surprised his robot army (what he calls his fans) by premiering his new single “Flesh” today. The song stayed under wraps until its premiere on iTunes worldwide (which always refreshing to see…a song that doesn’t leak out before its intended premiere…perhaps that’s from Simon running his career mostly independently or just more secure work habits) with a small teaser from ArajanWrites an hour before the premiere. Check out the sexy electronic pop jam after the cut, it’s a new favorite of the year!

With some pulsating synthesizers and hard hitting beat cracks, “Flesh” starts off very furturistic and very sexual (the songs called “Flesh,” what did you expect?!) with Simon’s voice in a deep, tempting tone with an electronic embellishment added on it telling us “This is just my way of unleashing the feelings deep inside of me, the spark of life that I seem to love.”

Yet soon enough his vocals take on a more fierce approach with some robotic undertones, but never sounding like or T-Pain with lines like “We can get a little crazy, just for fun, just for fun,” and even “Tie me up, take me over.”

Before we know it, we’re in a chorus that comes at us in a similar style to how Britney Spears’ “Inside Out” hits at us, that sees Simon jump to another vocal approach–this time his falsetto that comes off just as strong as his chest voice vocals as he tells his lover to bite him hard and taste the flesh.

What I truly love about “Flesh” is how Simon is taking on a sexual position rarely exhibited by men in music. He’s being extremely sexual, but it’s all in a way that has rarely been seen. While his sexuality is still unknown, it doesn’t even matter in this track as it could literally go a number of different ways. He could be a dominant man loving another man or a submissive man taking on new experiences with his girlfriend. While the gay community will probably connect more with it, this song should appeal to all. Either way, when you think about Simon writing this song…seriously, just think about the process of him writing this song…it’s hot and you know Simon must know a thing or two if he’s writing some awesome lyrics like the second verses, “Hold my arms above my head, push my face into the bed, because I’m a screamer baby, make me a mute.” Again, could he be with a guy or is the girl pleasuring him so good that he starts screaming? I love the gray area!

The rest of the song continues on where things get even more electronic on the bridge, and then the final chorus picks up even more and it adds a fresh new, dance element to finish off the song as if it’s almost getting to that climax when it gets to that point of…biting each other’s flesh of course. Amazing!

With his recent release single “Superhero,” and now “Flesh,” Simon’s upcoming full-length album RA (though I think the actual title is R and the Greek letter Delta) is looking to be quite good. He had my attention, but he really has my attention now. Bravo Simon!

“Flesh” Simon Curtis

“Flesh” is available worldwide for just 99 cents. (iTunes US

What do you think about “Flesh” by Simon Curtis? Let’s discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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