After suffering a major setback with their latest line up change and album Sweet 7 (which missed the Top 10 in their home country) the Sugababes are back to change all that with their new single “Freedom.” A 30-second teaser has been premiered and to be honest, it sounds awesome. But then again, the 30-second clip of “Get Sexy,” sounded extremely fresh but I thought it fell short ultimately. The girls have a new promo shot (left) where Jade doesn’t have bangs, Amelle’s hair is half an inch longer, and Heidi looks in shape and has great hair! That’s all to report…expect for THE SONG!

While it’s hard to judge from just 30 seconds of music, it seems like “Freedom” is using all popular elements to make this song extremely hot as well using some atypical routes. We have some bouncy synths, some Hollaback Girl-seque stomps, whip-like beats, as well as some industrial, electronic musical rips along with what appears to be quite the catchy chorus! AND they let Jade riff and belt all over the chorus…plus, it’s got an urban element to it…

WAIT WHAT?! Are the Sugababes back to making the great, atypical pop music they’ve always been known for? Are the days of “Nasty Ghetto” and “Ace Reject” here again?! Well, probably not. But this song sounds like it is DEFINITELY a step in the right direction.  As much as I loved a trashy club track like “About A Girl,” the girls had their own lane carved out and they should stick to their atypical pop stylinings. It’s a much better look. You should know better Heidi!! Take a listen:

What do you think of the new clip of “Freedom” by the Sugababes? Let’s discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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