Perhaps to ensure that her latest album does not in fact flop Beyonce is pulling out all the stops to make sure that people remember how important she is despite a failing debut single. Starting out with a tribute from her mother, father, sister, and huge names like Stevie Wonder, Lady GaGa, Babyface, and even First Lady Michelle Obama Beyonce made sure everyone knew how special she was before busting into a MUST SEE performance of “Run The World (Girls)” and then a very, very surprising acceptance speech for her Millennium Award.

She’s been doing the “empowering woman” thing for forever, and Beyonce started with a similar speech saying how it’s their time after men have ruled the world all along…okay okay. BUT THEN! In the middle of the ridiculous speech, images started to be projected in back of Beyonce as if her words were controlling them! And then more images came and looked as if Beyonce herself was controlling them! The screen then started displaying images of globes, shadows, instruments, and other Beyonces that forced Beyonce to stay in perfect time and placement with her routine that would otherwise be a huge visual failure. Beyonce did an amazing job sticking with the images, for the most part. This was definitely the coolest part of the performance, especially when other Beyonces would show up on the screen and she would stay in perfect time with the shadows. Of course there were some ridiculous moments (she’s been having a lot of those lately) like at the “I think I need a barber” part where she just started seizing her head uncontrollably, as well as the fact she still thinks the minimalist choreography from the video is good. Still, awesome awesome idea. Whoever’s it was.

Beyonce then brought out what seemed like hundreds of dancers to be her army of girls which was really cool, but mostly it was a play off of her past performances with “Single Ladies” that she did at the VMAs for example. Still, the performance was truly innovative that shows how great of a performer Beyonce is and how hard of a worker she is in truly nailing the difficult maneuvers necessary for a performance like this one

Beyonce’s mother, the infamous Tina Knowles along with Beyonce’s nephew, gave an introductory speech for The Billboard Millennium Award that they most definitely created just for Beyonce to attend the show. As usual, shade when it comes to Beyonce. Beyonce also thanked her father for “teaching her so much about the music industry and about drive,” which means all the underhand tactics and ways to make even more money than you’re already making. Necessary. But she also let the spotlight waver a little bit by thanking Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams saying she’d be “nothing” without them. And then she really let the spotlight waver by thanking the original members of Destiny’s Child LeToya Luckett and Latavia Roberson, which was very nice of her and even after a very public, very bitter split within the group and while Beyonce is still yet to show her friendship with the other members (LeToya routinely hangs out with Kelly & Michelle), maybe we’ll see a reunion sooner than we think?! Very suprising and very sweet. But as my roommate said, “Maybe because she’s flopping she’s just trying to be nice so everyone still loves her and will buy her music anyway.” She said it, not me.

Anyway, why can’t Beyonce just focus on being a nice performer with a great voice?! Why steal songwriting credits, get press for your charity work, and use such obvious, played out business tactics?! THIS is what she should be! What do you think of Beyonce’s moment at The 2011 Billboard Music Awards? Lets discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. ann charles says:

    Those who can’t critize, just let the moment be, why do you have to drink from the Haterade.

    • If you didn’t notice I called this performance and acceptance speech a “must see” meaning I think its really great and something everyone should witness. There was nothing bad about it…well except that it was technically stolen, but you’ll see that in a future post I’m getting ready.

      There is no hating here just facts…I WISH she didn’t do half the things she did (like steal songwriting credits and ideas from other people) so I could like her more and support her but I just can’t and I think more people need to know about this.

      And I will tell you I am an excellent singer and dancer!

  2. Xadax says:

    The powerpoint presentation (LOL) was a rip-off by an French artist.

  3. bernieDC says:

    Who cares if it was a “rip off”, nothing new under the sun. Everybody has been “boring” from other artist moves and performances since time began. The french artist didn’t perform it, Beyonce did, and a darn great job of it at that. Criticize when you post the video of you performing with that much stamina and athleticism…great job Beyonce!

    • Well “the French artist” DID perform it…that’s how we know thats where Beyonce got the idea from. It’d be one thing if she used the same idea with different visuals and concepts, but she’s literally using some of the same visuals as her, that’s just unoriginal. I still think she did a great job! If only I had the amount of money and team of people working for me to perform anything like this…but oh wait, I don’t soooo don’t see why I can’t have my opinion.

  4. Lord says:

    Bravo Beyonce! Great visuals and execution. Bet it took them forever to perfect that. lol She deserved that Millennium award!

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