Keep bringing on the battles! While Team Cee Lo got the chance to shine with the awesome Niki Dawson vs Vicci Martinez battle last week, it was now Team Christinas turn to shine with her competitors Justin Grennan and Beverly McCellan, shown at the right, who had the show-stopping battle of the night–to which the male judges all gave Christina her props…to which she thanked her teammates for making them jealous in true Competitivina. It was once again an awesome episode showing the competition truly heating up.

The battle rounds started this week with Cee Lo Greens team, the most impressive from last week, this week showed an also impressive battle between Nakia, the brave singer who auditioned with Cee Lo’s own “Forget You” track, and smooth R&B singer Tje Austin. The two were chosen to sing Ne-Yos “Closer,” which Nakia expressed concern over claiming it was a song “made for” Tje. It was going to be a stretch for Nakia obviously and in the rehearsal process Tje looks much more comfortable with the track.

YET, when it came to performance time it was Nakia who absolutely NAILED it! Nakia had the charisma and performance swagger of any other big-time performer. While Tje did a good job with the song, it just didn’t seem like he was 100% there and comfortable with performing in the arena. All the judges agreed, as well as his coach Cee Lo, who moved Nakia to the live shows. (iTunes)

I thought this brought up an interesting question about ‘The Voice’ now that we are into these battle rounds and the blind auditions are over and we can see the artists–are we still just focusing on “the voice?” Or does the interesting fact that Nakia could pull off a song like “Closer,” as well as his better performance tactics, all make him a better winner for “The Voice?” Or are the coaches and mentors now thinking more along the lines of who can win this competition, who will get more votes, etc? It’s an interesting point to bring up and I’d love to hear what you guys think.

The next battle came from Blake Shelton‘s team with one of the two duos of the show Ellenowen going against the rocker who got a second chance Jared Blake. Seemingly, Jared would be at a disadvantage for two reasons. 1) He was not initially chosen by any judge and 2) he’s against two singers instead of one. Blake, along with his advisor Reba McEntyre, chose Marvin Gaye‘s classic “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” for the three to duet on and once again it seemed that the rocker, Blake just like Nakia, was going to struggle with the soul tune.

In the actual battle though, the tables turned yet again! While Ellenowen had some beautiful harmonies on their performance and really do have something special there (I would love to hear some interesting duets of theirs recorded professionally) the rocker once again proved stronger! It was obvious who the winner was, again, and the coaches all agreed and it was the comeback king Jared Blake who moved on to the live show! (iTunes)

It was at this point that I realized how addicted I’m getting to this show. It was painstakingly obvious that Ellenowen should not move on compared to Blake. There was a lot of competitive side eying coming from Nicole of Ellenowen too during rehearsals and the performance which just rubbed me the wrong way–so when Blake won it was like a little battle won and literally cheered out loud haha. Did any of you have similar moments?

Moving on to Team Adam, it was the only contestant to have all four judges turn around Javier Colon versus someone who initially was not turned around for at all Angela Wolff. Already it was kind of obvious who would turn out the winner as even their coach Adam Levine described Javier as “astonishing” and Angela as “great.” I’ve never been a big fan of Angela, in particular in her personality and that didn’t help with her saying how excited she was to battle Javier “because he’s amazing.” Okay…why you here again?

Regardless in rehearsals it actually looked like Javier was struggling with the song as Adam stopped him mid-rehearsing to tell him to “sing less.” This most likely wasn’t a struggle but just some clever cinematography on NBC’s part…but hey, it made it look like Angela might have a chance. In their battle performance where the two collaborated on Ben E. King‘s “Stand By Me,Angela did end up wowing a little. I loved the ad-libs she put on the song and it really was a song that played to her strength,” as Adam put it. Still with one particular bum note and then Javier being Javier (he very much made it his own) it was the father of two who ended up moving on. He’s definitely one to beat! (iTunes)

And last but certainly not least we had Christina Aguilera‘s team where Beverly and Justin took on The Who‘s “Baba O’Reily.” Beverly was clearly the front runner in this song as she was absolutely nailing it making easy jumps from chest voice to head voice while Justin didn’t even know the song he was making huge improvements in just the rehearsal process.

In the actual battle Justin ending up REALLY bringing it! He had a huge rocker voice similar to Beverly’s and it was clear that pairing up these two together was a smart move. While Beverly continued slaying with her vocal acrobatics, Justin was definitely a force to be reckoned with in the song really showing some rawness to his voice and making it his own. You can hear him come in on the iTunes preview if you’re on the fence about this duet. If their harmonies together don’t get you, hearing these two truly get INTO IT will hook you. Nice work Team Christina! (iTunes)

*click for Victorytina*

So that’s this week! I wonder which team will shine next week? Apologies on being so late with these posts…I’ve been transitioning into my new job and apartment and it’s been taking a lot of time away. Things should be back to normal by like…tonight! What did you think of The Voice’s 4th episode? Let’s discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. Xadax says:

    So excited to hear Xtina sing Only Girl this Wednesday AAAH!

    • How cool would it be if she BELTS the chorus?! “WANT YOU TO MAKE ME FEEELEELELEL…LIKE I’M THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLDDDDDD” I didn’t watch the preview (they give away too much I think) so don’t tell me if she actually does this or not! lol

      I’ll have a recap up after the episode…not days after like last time *oops!*

  2. Lord says:

    Do you have a download link for the 4th episode, Jeff? Thanks! 😀

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