Despite becoming a dormant award show since 2007, today is the official return of The Billboard Awards. And it’s pulling out all the stops to make sure it returns in a big way! With surprises by basically confirmed performances by guests Britney Spears & Nicki Minaj, and a mysterious “gravity defying” performance from Cee Lo Green. It all sounds awesome (minus the fact Beyonce’s getting an award she made for herself) and I have streams for you after the cut if you can’t catch it on ABC at 8 PM! Don’t miss out!

The 2011 Billboard Awards Stream

Alternate Stream

If people are interested, I’ll be posting me thoughts in the comments. I’ll continually be refreshing the page and posting my thoughts so we can all discuss! Hope to hear from you guys!

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  1. ABC commercials is saying an “apperance by Beyonce that will leave America talking” hmmm okay.

  2. Kelly Rowland looks smokin (per usual) & Nicki Minaj looks pretty hot too!

  3. Rihanna “S&M” Performance:

    Did I hear some growling?! Pretty good vocals, sometimes a little off.

    • It was quite boring at first…and it was pretty obvious they were just waiting for Britney to come but when she did it also fell flat. Britney was looking out of it per usual and that finale could have been so sexy with the chains and pillows…but eh. Thoughts?

  4. R.T. McNeely says:

    Lol @ Godney trying to run off stage as soon as the song was done.

  5. Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough/The Time/Boom Boom Pow/I Gotta Feeling” Medley:

    I don’t know what to to think about the boy’s vocoder microphones. They looked hot & futuristic though. I love Taboo though! His delivery is awesome and he killed it tonight!

    Haha I loved their little “The Time” dance breakdown.

    Pretty fun performance!

  6. Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” wining Hot 100 Song of The Year…with Britney Spears & Kelly Rowland looking on a little confused haha

    Just wanted to point this out that Jason Mraz would have undoubtedly won this at least one possibly two years in a row. But his speech was cute since it was the first time he was brought on stage when he won an award…take it all in!

  7. Pitbull/Ne-Yo/Nayer “Give Me Everything” Performance:

    So that’s what Nayer looks like? She’s hot! Not sure how much a singer she is…she could barely get the words out…and why was she just kept in the corner? hahaha

    Good for Ne-Yo harmonizing on Pitbull, it was cool. Pitbull looks sharp!

  8. Omg those Britney audience shots are cracking me up! She was looking in a dazed awe at Lady Antebellum…

    Beyonce next?! Here we go…

  9. Beyonce Performance:

    –Her dad, mom, Michelle Obama, Lady GaGa, Bono, Stevie Wonder, Solange, The-Dream, Barbara Streisand, Babyface…all giving tribute to her. Yes, all her stealing…WAIT SHE DOESNT LOOK FOR THE PRESS WITH HER CHARITY WORK?! WHY DOES SHE SEND OUT PRESS RELEASES WHEN SHE GIVES ANY TYPE OF MONEY?! Wow.

    Okay so she’s performing “Girls” …lame. But WHAT?! THIS PERFORMANCE IS AWESOME! THE VISUALS ARE AMAZING! Whoever’s idea this was is a genius! Wow its so cool!!!! I love it! And then bringing in the millions of other girls haha its a pretty huge performance. Told you Billboard was not playing around!

    • And now the speech:

      Well of course her father taught her “everything she knows about the music business” that’s how she’s still same old Beyonce even after firing him!

      And thank Michelle & Kelly was very sweet even as Michelle started clapping…for herself? LOL

      And wow at her thanking LeToya Luckett & LaTavia Roberson! Very unexpected but props Bey! Now why aren’t they there?!?!

      Okay just don’t know what to think of all this, ITS TOO MUCH! TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS!

  10. Cee Lo Green “Crazy/Bright Lights, Bigger City/Forget You” Performance:

    I mean I love the guy but it was pretty boring a flying piano…Lady GaGa already did it once…for The Queen haha. Still great performance and he sounded awesome.

  11. Mary J Blige & Lil Wayne “Someone To Love Me” Performance:

    Go Mary!!!! What a great performance! I hope that song turns out to be a hit for her, its so great…despite being done by Diddy – Dirty Money first.

  12. Ke$ha “Animal/Blow” Performance:

    Well she could have really proved herself as a vocalist with her “Animal” performance but…she didn’t. As well with her not singing the whole chorus of “Blow” didn’t make me think much of her as a singer despite the fact she says she can sing so well.

    Regardless the red unicorn dancers and the glitter blowers were awesome. Another atypical performance from an artist who has completely carved out her own lane!

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