I am dying with cuteness with today’s Song Of The Day. It’s a song I was obsessed with as a sophomore in high school, when it was really cool to know unknown bands…and Archie Star was one of mine. In this track, that I believe is actually in demo form, sees what two singers, a piano, easy percussion, and some jingle bells can create. The track tells the story of two lovers wanting to just leave everything behind and just get married! It’s very teen love, it’s very catchy, it’s very cute, I dare you to tell me you didn’t enjoy this Song Of The Day. Check it out behind the cut!

Starting out with a warm piano chord, jingle bells in the background, and an inviting male soloist telling your ears “Tonight, I say we just get out of this town,” the song starts off as a tantalizing invitation to both the ears and the heart

It’s not long before the cute female soloist (who I’m assuming is above…I’m really only going off of Last.FM though) comes in singing along with the male as well sings in the background during the chorus about how the better times are coming and that they should make their actions swift!

In the end, “Let’s Get Married” only ended up as a bonus track on what became Archie Star’s first CD Carry Me Home released in 2008 (3 years after I found the song…I was soo ahead of everyone else!). And while its a mastered version of the song, I think this stripped down version is miles better than that one…so find a way to download this version..

Regardless of what the fate of this track became, I can’t play it without gaining some joy and it’s always a special treat finding Archie Star in my iTunes. If you’re interested in this duo you should check out their other demos “Apologies On Napkins” and “Ourselves To Blame”. In the meantime, I’ll just sit here frustrated waiting for someone to be as cute with me as Archie & his little girlfriend are on “Let’s Get Married.” Sitting…

Archie Star released their album Carry Me Home in 2008 featuring “Let’s Get Married” (iTunes)

What did you think of today’s Song Of The Day? Let’s discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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