Staying ahead of the inevitable leak, Moby has decided to put his new album “Destroyed” up for preview on his website. Already from the opening track “The Broken Places” its getting quite obvious this album is going to be quite transportive. Right when the album comes out, perhaps earlier, I’m going to have another track-by-track review for the album but right now I want to hook you guys up to hear what is looking to be an excellent album from Moby. I’m 4 tracks in and loving it–check out some more info and links below.

Moby’s statement about the album:

i don’t sleep very well when i travel. and as a result, i tend to be awake in cities when everyone else is asleep. that’s where this album, and the pictures that accompany it come from. it was primarily written late at night in cities when i felt like i was the only person awake (or alive), a soundtrack for empty cities at 2 a.m, at least that’s how i hear it. the pictures were taken on tour while i was writing the album. i wanted to show a different side of touring and traveling. a side that is often mundane, disconcerting, and occasionally beautiful.

as always, thank you for listening. and hopefully see you soon.


So fellow insomniacs join me in giving Moby’s album a spin. When you listen to the album make sure you click on the box where this is written as it will then disappear and you’ll be able to look at the incredible photography from the photobook Moby created to accompany this album. You can see pictures from all over the world and Moby is an excellent photographer! 

Check out the “Destoryed” album as well as the photographs from his photobook on Moby’s site by CLICKING HERE.

What are you initial thoughts on Destroyed? I’m loving all the eerie, electronic sounds that totally do make me feel like an insomniac. Let’s discuss in the comments before my review coming later next week, I always respond.

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  1. I’m LOVING “The Day” and I’m usually not a fan when Moby puts his own vocals on the music…sometimes it just doesn’t work, but here…WOW!!

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