Get ready to battle! In episode three, the blind auditions ended and it was time for the contestants to battle it out between each other in pairings chosen by their coaches. In these battles, the coach and their chosen advisee work with the contestants in musical rehearsals as well as recorded couch sessions showing that Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green really are living up to their name of coaches, not judges. There were some REALLY good battles with some REALLY hard decisions, check it all out after the cut! I’m addicted!!

The first battle we saw was on Team Christina between two powerhouse divas Frenchie Davis and Tarralynn Ramsey. Gone were the sweet attitudes from their auditions and we saw the claws come out! Tarralynn (who so candidly said that she thought a blind audition worked to her advantage) was showing some serious claws by saying how she is only here to win and never was showing her best vocals at the rehearsals…to Christina and her amazing advisor Sia (of “Breath Me,” “Destiny” and other amazing songs fame). I thought this was a bad move on Tarralynn’s part as she was showing a little too much of that bad attitude which was in comparison to Frenchie who wanted to learn and listen to her coaches. Sia told Frenchie she went a little sharp at times and asked how to fix it.

Speaking of Frenchie, I think she had the quote of the night when talking about her strengths: “I’m more focused on tone, pitch, and face.” …now which one of those doesn’t make you a better singer? Regardless! These two ladies BROUGHT IT in their rendition of Beyonce‘s (which Christina pronounced with an accented “ay” at the end) “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)! I thought Tarralynn was going to own Frenchie because she started off SO strong and REALLY attacked the track singing the first verse. BUT THEN, Frenchie brought it and hit an amazing note in the bridge! It was a really great performance and made Coachtina do this:

Yet in the end, a decision needed to be made of who was to move on. After consulting with a “clueless” Sia and a comment from the always creepy Cee Lo (“Frechie you got that big girl love” to which she responded “Watch it Cee Lo!”) big love did win and Frenchie moved on. Download their duet here (iTunes).

On Team Blake, it was a battle of the angel voiced boys as Patrick Thomas went against Tyler Robinson. Two very talented, very different vocalists. Blake brought easily the most recognized coach to help him, none other than Reba McEntyre to coach these boys. Patrick was told as doing too many riffs and vocal acrobatics in the rehearsals.

In their performance of “Burnin’ Love” by Elvis Presley, these two boys also BROUGHT IT. PATRICK (*originally wrote Tyler…thanks R. k. Vaughan!) sang first and showed off some really impressive low, bass notes that as a bass myself I truly appreciated. But I thought it was Tyler who truly shined not only when soloing but also  hitting the higher notes as back up when Tyler was solo. Tyler additionally took Blake’s note to hold back (which he commented to Reba during the performance) and it did make for a better performance. The other three judges all approvd of Tyler.

Yet in the end it was Patrick who moved on. Now, I think Patrick is a great talent but I think there was something way more special about Tyler. I have a feeling Blake may have seen more marketability in Patrick when America votes (he’s so cute!) and could win him the show…all about The Voice Blake? We’ll see. (iTunes)

NEXT! Team Adam! With using who paired the, who I thought was the unimpressive Casey Weston, and high note hitting Tim Mahoney. They were paired together for the Don Henley & Stevie Nicks duet of “Leather and Lace.” While Don was more comfortable with the performance than Casey (who never did harmonies in her life) it was ultimately Casey who won the match. They really did a beautiful job with the song though which was most likely the reason it propelled into the Top 200 on iTunes. (iTunes)

And then came the final match for Team Cee Lo with Niki Dawson and Vici Martinez. The two were paired up to sing Pink‘s “Perfect,” and this duet was truly the best of the night! I’ve been singing this overplayed Pink track all day! You could FEEL their emotions as these two young girls sang their hearts out to stay in the competition. Harmonizing on the chorus as well as bringing some extremely interesting vocal approaches to the verses, it was a performance to remember. This is the only performance to chart on the iTunes Top Songs chart and with good reason! I think I may have to buy it as well!

After a lot of debating, Vicci was ultimately chosen to stay as Cee Lo declared “there’s just something about Vicci” who sang with a “war dance” as Cee Lo pointed out. I’m glad as well, Vici is so much more interesting as Niki is mostly just a young, but talented, singer. Of course in true Creepy Lo fashion he brought Niki back over to him after she was crying walking off stage to which he told her, “I got you, you call me, I’ll see about you.” No Cee Lo, she doesn’t need some loving…she needs a record deal! (iTunes Single)

Basically, I loved The Voice even more this week and can’t wait to see what happens next! If this was the first battles, what’s next?! What did you think, tell me in the comments I always respond.

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  1. Mia says:

    I was at the taping of ALL of The Voice Battles, and can honestly say, Vicci and Nikki WERE the best. When Adam said their battle was the best of the day, (as all of the teams taped on one day) there were only 2 teams left, and they were terrible.

    • Wow! That’s really exciting to hear that Vicci and Nikki were the best. Although a little disappointing that everyone else won’t be as great haha SO COOL that you got to be at the tapings! Was that the only one you went to?

  2. R. k. Vaughan says:

    You must REALLY love Tyler, cause when Tyler hit those low base notes, it was Patrick, and when Tyler sang the higher back up notes to Tyler….. well fan much! Vicci and Nikki how could you not show them love, they were absolutely the best duet of the night and presented themselves with SO much class! Bravo.

    • Oops! Thank you for pointing that out, it WAS Patrick who doing the low notes! I fixed it and credited you, thanks!

      And I totally gave Vicci and Nikki their props calling it “the best of the night” I LOOVED them and am listening to them still! I agree, bravo girls.

      Thanks again!

      • R. k. Vaughan says:

        You absolutely did show them love, who ever doesn’t just don’t know class when they see it, especially after the tense moments of the Frenchie/ Tarralynn duet. Great recap! Keep up the good work.

        • Thank you so much! I hope I’m able to watch the episode on time tonight! I have a meeting at 8 PM and it starts at 10, fingers crossed I don’t miss it and have to scramble on Hulu or NBC.com. Let’s discuss this week’s episode when I put up the next post!

  3. Xadax says:

    Obviously, those blind audtitions that were cut short from the previous episodes are the ones who will lose in the next episode. So that Jordan Bratman look-alike from Team Legendtina will not go through.

    Hmm… speaking of look-alikes, Vici Martinez reminded me of Linda Perry for some reason. *giggles*

    • LOL @ the Jordan Bratman look-a-like! hahaha interesting if that proves to be true about the shorter auditions not moving through! Hmmm! Good catch!

      And I TOTALLY see what you mean about Vicci Martinez! She rocks!

      • Xadax says:

        I mean why would they let a possible winner cut their audition short? Hehe Vicci rocks. Nicki can sing but Vicki can ‘SING’ as Cee-Lo says it.

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