We got an exciting preview of JoJo‘s new single “The Other Chick,” with a low quality recording of an explicit version of the track leaking to the internet. NOW, we have the full version! First thing you notice…JoJo is grown up! JoJo is messing around with men and love, and getting into those fuzzy gray lines you experience as a young adult. The pop track, mixed with a ton of 80’s synthesizers, shows some absolutely fire vocals from the young woman who, after record struggles that stemming as far back as 2008, will see her album coming very soon. Check it all below:

Starting off in a similar vain to how a way overdone synthy dance track would start, “The Other Chick” already makes your ears perk up with its poppy, synthesizer driven back up production. JoJo still has that same youthful approach to her singing that made us fall in love in “Leave (Get Out)” back in 2004 (wow does that seem like light years away or what?). But don’t think JoJo hasn’t grown since then…keep listening. The verses are laced with a catchy “bum bum, la la, bum bum, la la la” that is going to become an earworm if radio decides to go with this track. 

The song is interesting in that its first verse sees JoJo as the seemingly confident, sexually driven girl in the relationship with a man who’s seeing another girl too (“You love me more because I’m the one you put your mouth on”). She know she’s the better one because of her sexual abilities, a cover up for her true feelings of love, until her guy pulls up to the party with that girl, to which JoJo’s vocals seem to characterize her feelings when she sings “I thought that girl was a joke, but she’s laughing at me” as shocked and vulnerable.

The second verse sees JoJo getting a little pissed from her hurt with lines like “So I was just some babe you effed around on?” and the tables turn from the first verse and she realizes she’s the one whose “so yesterday” and the “but she’s laughing at me” line now comes off in one of JoJo’s greatest vocal growls I’ve heard showing true upset with the situation.

The chorus has some powerhouse synthesizers that have a somewhat old school feel to them (perhaps they’ve been using actual old synths instead of the polished sounds of 2011 a la Jessie Malakouti?) that see JoJo showing off some really cool licks that is sure to be refreshing in pop music. I think the chorus could have come a little harder, but it works.

And if you needed anymore evidence JoJo’s now a woman, she tells her guy how she faked it every time (!!) before going into a HUGE vocal run over the final choruses. Chills!

While its not as impressive as the experimental nature of her mixtape tracks like “In The Dark,” or some of the others, “The Other Chick” is truly a refreshing piece of pop music and so enjoyable and fun that hopefully will lead JoJo into a positive direction for this oft-delayed album of hers, now titled “Jumping Trains” coming this year via Interscope Records. It’s got a big 80’s influence from what I can tell and hopefully that spells success for Ms. JoJo who I am 100% rooting for.

“The Other Chick” JoJo
**NOTE: JoJo just confirmed on Twitter that this is NOT the final version…I knew it sounded too similar to the snippet leaked. Still addicted regardless!

**EDIT: You can listen to the FINAL version by going to JoJo’s official website to listen! Mostly the same with some extras added and an outro. Love it!!!!! CLICK HERE!

What do you think of “The Other Chick” by JoJo? Is it what she needs for a successful comeback? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. Wes says:

    Love It. Missed her so much

  2. R.T. McNeely says:

    Thank you so much for posting this — I’m glad you support JoJo. She sounds great — you’re right about that run! P.S. Your blog has been so amazing lately; I love every post.

    • Ooooh thank you! That’s so nice of you! I’ve had final exams and my computer got a virus so I feel like my contents been sucking at the moment but things are going to pick up very soon so stayed tuned. Thank you so much for the great comment though, very nice of you 🙂

    • Hey thanks!! I’ll update the post in a sec. What do you think of it?! I’m already loving this track and I don’t see too many differences I do like the outro though!

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