Ellie Goulding finally got her rightful place on the American promo run by securing huge performance on Saturday Night Live when hosted by veteran Tina Fey. Ellie performed current single (?) “Lights” as well as her popular cover of Elton John‘s “Your Song,” that has proven to be her biggest hit in her home country, peaking at #2. SNL and NBC are always finicky when it comes to SNL performances but I have the videos after the cut, check em out as well as my thoughts & the outcome of this high profile performance has done for Ellie on iTunes

Ellie kicked things off with (part of her head shaved?) performing “Lights,” the song that was a single but then was replaced by “Your Song,” and apparently is a single now since they made a music video but not really…I don’t get it either…and that was probably extremely confusing if you haven’t been following Ellie’s career. Regardless, I wish there was a little more energy to this performance, I thought it sort of fell flat. I think the idea was there, but she sounded very rhaspy, more than usual. The choruses, which should be the strongest part of the song, came off as weak but she did hit every note just right in head and chest voice which is sure to impress viewers.

Outcome: “Lights” currently sits at #45 on iTunes Singles

Ellie also went on to perform “Your Song,” which I thought was a much better performance of a less impressive single. She sounded absolutely beautiful and did some almost jazzy ad libs on the track. I ultimately think that this was actually a great idea to perform as it is such a familiar track and people will connect with her quicker than if they heard another unknown song. I don’t necessarily like it, because she has SUCH good material, but I get it and I think it’s going to work in her favor more.

Outcome: “Your Songcurrently sits at #130 on iTunes Singles

Other Remarkable Outcomes: “Lights,” the US version of her debut album, peaked at #4 on iTunes Albums (where its only $7.99) and currently sits at #6.
-As well, the album’s sales increased over 1,000% on AmazonMP3 (where it’s only $5.99 with a bonus track).
“Starry Eyed,” which she did not perform, currently sits at #167 on iTunes Pop Singles.

SO, a HUGE congrats is in order for Ellie. And if you’re still unsure about venturing into Ellie’s music, you can currently get her, equally amazing, track “Guns and Horses,” for FREE at AmazonMP3

What do you think of Ellie’s performances and the response in America? Is she destined for some Adele-like success? I’m a huge Ellie supporter and could not be happier for her, I just wish it was even BIGGER! Do you think they’ll push a single for Ellie? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, I always respond.

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