JoJo, whose latest mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me is excellent, is one step closer to her comeback as a tagged clip of her new single “The Other Chick” leakedtoday. This is clip actually has the lyrics “the other bitch” here that JoJo tweeted is not the final version and that the lyrics are still “the other chick..” She was upset fans heard this version (I like the angst Jo!) as she does not want fans to hear sing these words. This clip is unmastered but is STILL addicting (do not judge after one listen). Her vocals are fierce & strong and the song seems catchy enough to do well at radio and welcome JoJo back. Obviously, we’ll need to wait for the full version but I’m too excited about a possible new JoJo song so here you go! After the cut…

*Sorry for the lack of udpates lately, if you’re following the blog on Twitter (@MultiDMusicBlogRye Rye and Kat DeLuna just started following us! What are YOU waiting for?!) you’d know I got a virus on my computer and am getting it fixed. This is in addition to final exams, but I have a ton of news to report for you guys! Bear with me!

What do you think about “The Other Bitch/Chick” Can JoJo make a comeback? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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