I’m sorry I’ve been slower lately…it’s final exams for me! BUT I wanted to let you know about exciting new music coming at us very soon! If you remember my Nicola Roberts post  included some really exciting information about her music. Well her new single, produced by Diplo, is coming within the next few hours! There is a preview on her website that you can hear, and guess what…I CAN’T HEAR IT! It’s not available in my country…SO I need you guys to tell me what it’s like! Please drop me a comment after the cut & I’ll give you the album title & more details below!

EDIT: Found a stream that we can ALL listen to and discuss! Check it out! It sounds awesome!

Nicola’s debut solo album has been confirmed to be titled Cinderella’s Eyes…uh, LOVE IT! Being released in the Fall with “Beat Of My Drum,” along with the b-side track “Disco, Blisters and A Comedown’ ” (another awesome title! Love her word choices!) on June 5th.

Nicola’s official website has been updated with her diary, news, video, official store, and contests…looks like they are ready to work for Nicola!

So PLEASE click HERE and tell me what the song preview is like and we’ll all have a great time talking about this new song when its out in full. Thanks guys!

EDIT: Found a stream! Well, it’s definitely got some of those “Pon De Floor” by Major Lazer influences in it, but it still sounds absolutely awesome! This is everything Beyonce wished her “Girls” single would be…but Nicola snatched the wig right off her head. I totally picture some strong chant-like vocals coming in at that final electro part. CANNOT WAIT FOR HER VOCALS AND JUST THE WHOLE SHINANIGAN! Listen:

“Beat Of My Drum (Instrumental Preview)” Nicola Roberts [produced by Diplo]

**EDIT PART II: We now have a new 30-second clip featuring Nicola’s vocals on “Beat Of My Drum! The clip definitely has the M.I.A. influences that she spoke about but definitely adds a big punch of pop to this tribal electronic grime production. I’m still a little annoyed about the producers using those same sounds from “Pon De Floor” in this production but it’s far from sounding like a rip off.

“Beat Of My Drum (Snippet)” Nicola Roberts

As well we also have a snippet of a new B-Side “Porcelain Heart.” I’m actually surprised that Nicola would use a song like this as a B-Side for didn’t she name her make up brand with the word porcelain, it seems like this would be an important song to her? Regardless, this song takes Nicola to the disco with some mysterious hard-hitting synths before getting into the layered vocals, that sound almost like heavy breathing, of the chorus that is sure to be another pop treat. “Beat Of My Drum” definitely makes more an impact but this song is very nice as a B-Side meaning the rest of the material is bound to be wonderful!

“Porcelain Heart (Snippet)” Nicola Roberts

I don’t know about you guys but this project is making me really excited, I’m absolutely loving her sound and I had no idea she could be such a confident vocalist! She also came off to me as the shy, quiet one in the group. No longer anymore!

What do you think about these previews? Are you excited for Nicola’s solo debut? Let’s discuss in the comments, I always respond.

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