Everyone loved the first episode of ‘The Voice,’ it pulled higher viewers than both ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and ‘Glee’ last week, and the magic continued last night as each coach filled out the eight spots of their team. In an interesting twist, all finalists were auditioned in front of the coaches after spots were still open on their teams. Some hopefuls got a second chance then to make the idols’ teams. While some dreams still didn’t come to fruition, 32 contestants are now one step closer, with the help of their mentors, to becoming America’s ‘Voice.’

The show went right into the contestants (no showstopping performance this time…but ‘The Voice’s’ twitter account was asking fans what song the coaches should perform next, possibly giving indication of another performance?!)

Lots of people to meet this time! Let’s go!

Cherie Oakley: sang a Miranda Lambert song…bad move as her fiance IS Blake Shelton. He didn’t turn around, BUT Christina giving her another female for her team. Didn’t like her particularly (iTunes)

Devon Barley: cute nerdy guy who sang the waay overdone Jason Mraz song “I’m Yours” (great song, great artist, overdone by the impostors) wasn’t too impressed by him either but he eventually hit some sweet notes (iTunes)

Joshua Hand: all I gotta say is thank goodness the coaches did not turn around for this bozo. He was attractive but had such a weird, cocky attitude that he would get booed right off the stage. Sang a guitar-accompanied version of Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi” that was great in theory but just didn’t work. Happy with this decision.

–Raquel Castro: 16-year-old Latina cutie whose mother proclaimed “Christina just made her dreams come true” when Christina turned around after she hit a ton of impressive high notes and vocal runs in Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love.” Wasn’t too impressed with her, but there is a talent to be polished there most definitely. (iTunes)

–Emily Valentine: I found her particularly interesting as she sang Pink’s “Sober” sometimes really nailing certain notes and sometimes really not. Regardless, Blake and Cee Lo both vied for her on their team and she chose Cee Lo. Should be an interesting combination–both have a ton of tattoos! Not that that matters in singing… (iTunes)

–Niki Dawson: an audition we were debriefed on cutie Dawson who sang Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” who went to Team Cee Lo (iTunes)

–Sara Oromch: another skipped past audition of Sara who took on John Lennon’s “Imagine” (OK, ballsy!) and was picked by Blake (iTunes)

–Julia Eason: wonderful 18-year-old who performed all the riffs and high notes of Duffy’s “Mercy” that Team Xtina snagged up. Loved her! (iTunes)

–Angela Wolff: Interesting lady. Did not like her personality at all and she made her whole audition about how she’s following Blake Shelton on Twitter and if he didn’t pick her, she’d unfollow him (embarrassing). But she REALLY set herself up for failure as she (like someone else already had!) sang his fiance Lambert’s breakout hit “The House That Built Me,” not that well might I add, so that no judge picked her. YET, in a twist of events when host Carson Daly announced that all the contestants had been heard and because the judges had been using their picks wisely and passing on particular talents, some contestants got a second chance. She was one of them…and she did a pretty good job on Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” becoming Adam Levine’s final choice. OK girl, let’s see what happens next (iTunes)

–Tyler Robinson: cutie hipster who made a great statement saying “I’m gay but it’s not what defines me” (although that clearly seemed to be the focus of his little introduction section). Also, Robinson wasn’t out to his father before the show…and now he is, apparently? Regardless, this guy was great singing a tough song “Hey Soul Sister” by Train and nailed it! Blake got him for his team to which Blake boasted to the judges he would win the show with him. We’ll see! (iTunes)

–Nakia: another gay man (woohoo!) but one who actually didn’t let his sexuality define him instead mentioning his “partner Robert” who gave him the courage to sing and audition (see it can be subtle guys!). Good thing he had that courage as he sang Cee Lo’s blockbuster hit “Forget You” in a truly interesting manner leading Blake and Cee Lo to both want, as Cee Lo called, “this brave soul.” Nakia obviously chose Cee Lo and I have a feeling those two could create some cooky results. One to watch! (iTunes)

–Sarabee: another audition gone by quickly of this singer who sang Dusty Springfield’s “Son Of A Preacher Man” who went to Team Blake (iTunes)

–Casey Desmond: a really interesting glam rocker redhead who sang Lady GaGa’s “Born This Way,” and was snatched up by Adam. I wanted to see her audition! (iTunes)

–Justin Grennan: another quickie; a window painter and the first and only male to join Team Xtina! Gotta remember to listen to him as he’s the only guy who moved Christina enough. (iTunes

–Tim Mahoney: the contestant Adam wanted almost automatically, who he thought was a girl at first…which is actually completely perfect that he is on his team since Adam said he’s mistaken for a woman sometimes too. I’m intersted and keeping my eye on this high singing guy! (iTunes)

–Dia Frampton: did not like this girl, thought she had a very strange singing style that was a horrible combination of singing and whispering and it did not work in her rendition of Coblie Calliat’s “Bubbly.” Regardless, Blake pushed his button within 5 seconds of hearing her. Um, okay. Her overalls were wonderful though. (iTunes)

–Curtis Grimes: sang Blake’s “Hillbilly Bone” that Blake did not turn around for as he didn’t sing it with enough “cockyness” (OK Blake, getting a little harsh here) but Cee Lo DID turn around adding this sexy cowboy to his team. I think this guy can do a lot with his voice and it will definitely be interesting to see where him and Cee Lo go (iTunes)

–Tori & Taylor Thompson: OKAY HOLD UP. Who watched American Juniors back in 2003?!?! ANYONE?! If you did…YOU’LL REMEMBER THESE GIRLS! Taylor was the first person to join the (flop) group they created off the show, and Tori was the 4th member I believe. They were soooo cute as I remember Taylor singing “Proud Mary” and Tori singing “Let’Er Rip” by the Dixie Chicks. JUST WATCH THIS, DYING! Okay, now that I’ve relived their childhood…let’s just say as a teenage duo they’re not very impressive. I mean, they’re fine and apparently Cee Lo thought they were fine enough too as he picked them as his final choice but eh. Don’t see much happening with these two. Cute, and that’s about it. It worked on American Juniors…such a great show…but this is THE VOICE! (iTunes)

–Lily Elise: this was one of the contestants who were initially not chosen by any judges despite Christina saying she “regretted” not choosing. Well, she got a second chance with her second song Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” that finally hooked Christina, giving the diva her final teammember (iTunes)

–Sonia Rao: the girl I really didn’t like was back, possibly for Blake or Adam’s taking. Well she didn’t get picked…again. She did hit one note that almost sent a shiver down my spine, but she did not have the right attitude. She went for Alicia Keys, then Adele. Nuh uh! You don’t get to take on those two. Sorry, bye gurl.

Jared Blake: if you remember was one of my favorites, a rocking middle-aged man who overcame drug and alcohol addiction to get to the higher place he is today came back with Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready To Make Nice” before getting chosen by Blake. Hooray! (iTunes)

Casey Weston: this Mariah Carey look-a-like (stretch?) didn’t impress me in her lower range, only sorta impressed me with her upper range, but apparently it was enough to convince Adam Levine who took her on as his 7th member; the final one being Angela Wolff who was described above but don’t feel like you need to go back and check on her (iTunes)

Some top moments of the show included Cee Lo’s increasingly obvious creep factor where he continually is upset with himself for not choosing pretty girls once he turns around; even yelling “I love you!” to the pretty Sonia Rao. It’s a fun game to turn everything Cee Lo says in a creepy, predator comment. Try it. Also quote of the night must go to Christina for her very candid and heartfelt, “You know Carson, there was so much talent we may have passed up and we’d really love to see them again.” WELL GUESS WHAT CHRISTINA? BECAUSE YOU ASKED SO NICELY! WE MADE IT HAPPEN! She was clearly in Telepromptertina mode, but I guess someone had to do it!

So that’s episode two! Next week, we find out how the battle process works. I’m really interested in this because Americans really haven’t seen singers competing one against one–much less singing the same song! We will definitely get a chance to see a lot of artistry come from these contestants as well as their coaches where we finally get to see them coach!

Next episode we will also meet the celebrity advisees which have been confirmed to include country diva Reba McEntyre, R&B queen Monica, music director Blackstone, and indie pop singer Sia. These advisers will work with Teams Blake, Cee Lo, Adam, and Xtina respectively. Adding even more star power after the initial star power–smart move.

The auditions were fairly self-explanatory, but were much more interesting to see rather than hear about. These battles I think aren’t so self explanatory and I think will be even more interesting watch. I’m really excited for next week, when the show moves to a one hour slot at 10/9 c.

Did you catch The Voice tonight? What did you think? Who are your favorites? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

Missed the first episode? No worries, catch yourself up here and here.

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  1. Xadax says:

    Frenchie Davis will obviously go to the next round.

    • I think so, but that’s mostly based on her talent I think. Based on Christina’s team, there are definitely a ton of people she can blow out of the water so I agree with you. BUT these challenges could bring a lot of twists, you never know! I’m hooked on The Voice!!

      • Xadax says:

        OMG you really do reply. Thank you very much. Yes, its mostly based on her alent but why would Xtina want to battle 2 of her most strongest contenders (Vocally)?

        • Xadax says:

          On an early round I mean.

        • Of course I do! I wouldn’t say that to lie! LOL no! And sorry I took over 24 hours to respond…it’s been a CRAZY weekend and my computer just got a virus so I had to give it ot the store to fix it 😦

          BUT have you seen this new preview video?! it’s Frenchie vs Tarraylynn, and it looks like Tarralynn is owning Frenchie! Here it is: http://youtu.be/5MjwKlMzM08, is Christina the one who chooses who moves on? Ahhhh this is TOUGH! The episode looks like it will be intense though! Wow! What do you think? If Frenchie is up against Tarraylnn, the first girl Xtina chose?

        • p.s. you’ll love this video, its Christina actually SINGING “Single Ladies” by Beyonce: http://youtu.be/5MjwKlMzM08

          + there is TENSION between these two! I don’t know! I think Tarralynn might pull ahead, Frenchie even admits it (p.s. check out Sia!): http://youtu.be/FMm7-9QMUbc


          • Xadax says:

            The tension is killing me!

            I love how she tackled Single Ladies like its her own song. I think the reason why she wanted them both head-on because she doesn’t want to let the other one keep on hanging on something that she might lose on later rounds.

            Thank you for the links. It means so much.

  2. Wes says:

    My favorites are Angela Wolf and Julia Eason – personally I really thought Angela sounded good on House that Built Me, but Blake wasn’t really feelin’ it. But! I think she sounded way better on Rolling in the Deep when she just went balls to the wall on the chorus. Plus I’m glad she’s on TeamAdam. Even though I liked Angela, my favorite female performer was definitely Julia, I loved her (even though i forgot why). It’s been a week, gimme a break.

    Also, I’m sorta offended you forgot to Javier Colon. I loved his voice, and thought he was one of the most talented voices in the competitions. Reminds me of Neyo’s smooth voice.

    PS: Look at Divatina in this picture!!!

    • Hmm I can’t agree with you on Angela Wolf…I totally thought she was one of those bigger personalities who couldn’t sing as well, but she’s here regardless…I liked her chorus on “Rolling On The Deep” but she stayed very monotone on the notes and didn’t do the jumps in the song.

      I do love Julia too, she killed “Mercy!” I’m so excited what she does next, I wonder who she’ll be up against. I have a feeling it’ll be Raquel.

      Hey Javier Colon was in the first episode! He’s TOTALLY on that post! I said he was definitely one to watch and listen for, I loved him too.

      And yes Frontandcentertina is showing the boys whose boss in the photoshoot! haha

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