Adele‘s hitting her homecountry hard with a second wave of promo as she continues to break records and slay the less talented this time on Jools Holland. Despite no indication of a future single or even an outside interest (such as with ‘Glee’ covering “Turning Tables”) Adele performed album ballad “Take It All” and the #2 single in America “Rolling In The Deep.” As always, Adele killed it and its always lovely to hear her sing. She got a little funkier on “Deep,” so that was refreshing but as always, it’s just another classic Adele performance which we love.

What do you think about the possibility of “Take It All” being a single? Adele seems keen on the idea, though it should be noted she’s been singing a lot of material from her 21 album…which is probably why it’s doing so well! I get annoyed when singers focus on a lot of older material when premiering their new stuff. You don’t need to stick to what we know (maybe one song, Adele did a lot of “Chasing Pavements” performances with this promo) because this is new material! It’s a nice thought, but I say with the declining record sales: stick to what is going to catch our interest. Not remind us you’re a cool singer.

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