Jennifer Lopez is back on the music scene! With Top 10 hit  “On The Floor” with Pitbull becoming hotter (get ready for an Idol performance!) it seems the album is seemingly coming at a great time. While none of her promotional singles have even charted (single “I’m Into You” with Lil Wayne almost did at #101), there’s lots more music on the album that I’ve taken apart track by track in her new album LOVE?. I know we’re busy, so I’ve given you the necessary info on each track which you can combine to deciding whether this album’s for you.

1. “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull – This song worked great for JLo’s comeback. While it was an obvious rip off the brilliance of “Stereo Love” and its Romanian music elements that, combined a familiar face of Jennifer Lopez, is a sure fire hit. While I don’t see what sing has to do with love (Jennifer had said each song on the album releated to love) it’s still a pretty great track and its great to hear Jennifer back in an element that seems 1000% comfortable for her. (Listen)

2. Good Hit – Very fun. Not much going on here musically, but it is fun to sing along with lines like “don’t you wish I was your boo?!” and “Tell them that I got that. Go buy me Louis stuff, buy me Gucci stuff, that ‘I Love Lucy’ stuff!” I’m still waiting for the full viral video that I think could go down as the new “Single Ladies” dance song. Song is still, eh. (Listen)

3. I’m Into You featuring Lil Wayne – Again playing off of Jennifer’s international appeal, but the song mostly comes off a c-grade version of Rihanna‘s “What’s My Name” with Drake. I almost wish they copied the song more (since WMN is excellent) if they were going off that idea, but it just falls flat. It’s good to keep Jenny in these foreign sounds, it’s just not done well enough. (Listen)

4. (What Is) LOVE? – If you read my review of this promotional track, you know I love it. Some of Jennifer’s best vocals to date and you can hear the true emotion in her voice that makes sense, despite leaking 2 years ago, that this was chosen as the title track. Shoutout to Wynter Gordon for the writing credits! (Listen)

5. Run The World – A very obvious The-Dream/Tricky production that sounds like something the two would have brought up to Mariah Carey for her “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” album that she would have passed on. The chorus is kinda fun, but mostly it falls short. It’s very light and could become a fan favorite. Do you notice a pattern of songs sounding they were meant for other artists…? (Listen)

6. Papi – Reviewed this promotional RedOne-produced single as well. Love it, but ultimately does come off of as something Kat DeLuna would do and Jennifer is lucky she can pull it off just as well…well, in this case she can. (Listen)

7. Until It Beats No More – This is cute. And would be mostly just that if it weren’t for the ending. She is KILLING it at the end of the song! She is belting and it is powerful! It now becomes very obvious why Jenny said this album would showcase her best vocals to date. Proud of her! (Listen)

8. One Love – This is a track that had been leaked awhile ago and I’m extremely surprised to find this on the standard tracklist. It sounds very dated and quite boring. It’s something we’d definitely expect from Jennifer in her late 2000 music career–as seen from her last 2 albums debuting at #10 and #12 (Brave became her first album to miss the Top 10) its clear she just wasn’t bring it. This ones for strict JLo fans. (Listen)

9. Invading My Mind – While it sounds like classic RedOne production, JLo and none other than Lady GaGa have production credits on this track as well! It’s another trademark club banger from RedOne, but there is an interesting element adding the male vocals on the verse and there is an international flavor on the track that sees Lopez really making this track her own when it could have very well just been an extremely unremarkable up-tempo. A fun highlight. (Listen)

10. Villian – A much needed refreshing track of the album. Produced by Tricky Stewart & The-Dream, the song shows the producers in new territory as well as Jennifer trying new things. Her silky and mysterious at the beginning, and the song’s haunting tone continues throughout the track. The chorus stands out in particular. A highlight of the album. (Listen)

11. Starting Over – Can’t decide if this track is too young for Jennifer, but regardless it works. This might sound weird, but Jennifer’s artistry works on somewhat awkward choruses like this one that are are a little off-beat. It’s not necessarily awkward to listen to, but it’s more difficult to sing a long to, but I think she does great on it. I’m a fan. (Listen)

12. Hypnotico – Is that Nicole Scherzinger giving a shoutout at the beginning? Is it Tami Chynn who this song was originally made for? Oh wait, nope it’s still JLo here. This is another Lady GaGa collaboration here and it works again. Favorite line: “We’re just some silly heartbreakers tonight!” Not sure if I love this one because Jennifer pulls it off so well or if its just a high quality song and I’d love it no matter who did it. A top banger along with On The Floor & Papi. (Listen)

13. Everybody’s Girl – (In bonus track land!) SO happy to see this track included on the album! This song had been floating around in low quality after being premiered on European radio but never went any farther than that. I think this song is very cool, esepecially the monotone, hard-hitting electro chorus. I’d say this one of the more risky musical moves Lopez has made in her career and it works. A good direction for the next album perhaps? Love it. (Listen)

14. Charge Me Up – Another RedOne dance pop banger…nothing too remarkable here. It’s good if you like the sounds of Invading My Mind, Hypnotico, and On The Floor. But there’s enough of that already on the album so I see why this wasn’t included on the standard edition. I like the male vocals in the background. (Listen)

15. Take Care –Somewhat torn on this song. It starts off so boring, but then it continues to get more interesting bringing in some of those off-beat melodies that make the song a little more memorable. I’m fine with this a bonus track. (Listen)

16. Ven A Bailar featuring Pitbull – This might even be sexier than the original. Jennifer’s not like Shakira in the sense that she sounds miles better in Spanish than English, but I do really like this. Pitbull brings a lot of sexy elements to the song rapping in Spanish here which works so well. Happy this came out, not necesarily as an album closer though. Oh well. (Listen)

So there you have it! A brief track-by-track review of Jennifer Lopez’s new album “LOVE?” Final thought? This album is very safe and very good for her comeback to the music scene. There’s some artistic elements to it that are great to hear, but there is a lot of reusing of older material from other artists and ideas that Jennifer pulls off as making her own, but utlimately there is something lacking. I still support this album and think Jennifer is making a good move with it.

LOVE? Standard Version – $7.99 (AmazonMP3)
and Deluxe Version are Available Now! (AmazonMP3)

What do you think about Jennifer Lopez’s comeback and LOVE? Tell me your reviews in the comments! I always respond. (p.s. why isn’t the album on iTunes??)

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I loved Jennifer’s music back in the day. It just seems that she is capitalizing to the max on her Idol status. The songs seemed hurriedly pieced together for this cd. And Jenny dont even try to rap…you will be blown out of the water from the new divas we have now.

    • I agree that she definitely is getting this amount of success from Idol…though LOVE? apparently isn’t debuting that well :/ I’ll have news on that later tonight or tomorrow. And yes this album is most just pieced together of possible hits the label heard and not a collective album. Haha when does she try to rap?! Like on “Good Hit?”

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