Today’s song is done by an artist who remains a mystery to me. M$ney appeared on Timbaland‘s game changing 2007 Shock Value album in the futuristic sex romper “Fantasy” (also a must hear) premiering a crazy, futuristic, sexified singer that was bringing something completely new to the table. Her supposed debut single “Future,” produced by Timbaland & Danja, made its way online but that’s about it. Just listen to how fresh it still is today in 2011 despite its creation years ago. Crazy unique & crazy futuristic!

 A song bursting with synthesizers and 808 is a sure fit to have the youth’s ears perk up and get their bodies moving. Add some spaceship blips and of course M$ney’s awesomely cool altered vocal that doesn’t come off as tired like when pop stars use autotune way too much in music today. Instead M$ney’s voice sounds like something you’ve never heard (alien?) before and it’s definitely something you want to listen to a little more before turning off the song. Check out some of the captivating lyrics:

‘Cause we don’t belong, we’re aliens here / But I know a place where we can love without fear / I’m taking you home, 100 lightyears / Let me take you, take you to the future / Take me aboard.

I truly do suggest you listen to “Fantasy” (link is above) as well because that song is just as interesting as “Future,” I just chose this one since its M$ney’s actual single. Well was…

What are you thoughts on M$ney? Will she forever remain just a hot feature on a Timbaland track or does she have something to offer? I’m still waiting for something more from her *fingers crossed* it comes! Tell me your thoughts in the comments, I always respond.

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