Happy May Day!! Summer is around the corner, which you of course knows means summer loving is right around the corner. Today’s track, sent by one of our devoted Twitter followers (what?! you’re not following the blog? @MutliDMusicBlog), is a perfect theme song for the season. “Wade Through The Night” sees singer/ songwriter Matt Wertz take us on the perfect summer day and night through his feel good production and wonderful lyrics that make me just want to lay in the grass with someone all day and night after “kicking off our shoes.”

“Wade Through The Night” starts off with Matt’s silky voice and a simple backing band begin describing the beginning to this perfect summer day. Already I get the feeling of a bright sun hitting my back as I start my day getting ready to see the person I want to be “laughing in the sunlight” and “surrounded by love,” with. 

Matt truly nails it on the chorus, when it finally turns to dark and he describes the adventures of the night:

Let’s kick off our shoes, and wade through the night / The air’s so warm, the moon just right / We’ll sing to the stars, and dance by the light / As we kick off our shoes, and wade through the night.

The songs adds a funky turn with a jazzy, piano added to the band in the second verse with Matt’s voice flowing as sweet as honey. There’s also something to be said for the back-up singers that join Matt on the chorus who add another feel good element to the song making me just spin in circles in a grassy field not caring about a thing except the person I’m spending this perfect 24 hours of summer with. Ahhh…the fantasies music gives me.

“Wade Through The Water” is available on Wertz’s 2004 album Twenty Three Places (iTunes)

What did you think of “Wade Through The Night” by Matt Wertz? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. Wes says:

    Another great song by an underrated artist. Hope more people start supporting him, because he has great lyrics (which i think separates him from other John Mayer-types). Although I also think John Mayer has incredible lyrics as well. Two of my favorite Male artists.

    • Right right! Let’s hope he can get discovered! He needs a new single that hopefully we can all push and promote a ton. Can’t agree with you on being a John Mayer fan…he turns me off for some reason. The only song I have by him is “Say” because its so cute! haha

  2. eduardo says:

    matt wertz is amazing, the only, yea!!!!

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