Kat DeLuna may have gotten the short stick when it came to her music career several times but she may have just gotten it right! Rising to fame in 2007 with her hit “Whine Up” produced by Lady GaGa‘s main man RedOne. She couldn’t catch on with anything else in America despite crafting the producer’s sound. As well, tracks that sound very similar to Kat ended up going to other artists (like Jennifer Lopez). Kat has not given up though and is now bringing an extremely hot track “Drop It Low,” that could be just what she needs to hit back hard in the US.

First off, the production. THE PRODUCTION! What IS it?! It’s like a bunch of little space cadets started zooming in and out of your ears that give a somewhat creepy futuristic vibe that automatically catches your ears. It’s too hot!

With Kat’s monotone vocal approach (which is a breath of a fresh air as Kat is usually very expressive with her singing) the crazy hot production swerves in and out on the verses. Eventually we the song gets more excited and energized adding back-up singers giving it the extra oomph.

Then we hit the chorus and somehow this song becomes a Latin club banger with Kat yelling “abajo!” to the dance floor telling us to turn around in both English and Spanish. The second and third choruses become more intricate as the song continues as she layers different parts of the choruses above each other which makes the chorus that much hotter and that much more interesting.

Unique beats definitely get radio’s attention. People think its so cool when radio breaks a song such as “Like A G6” which had a really unique sound at the time. I feel like the same could happen with “Drop It Low” with its infectious, cosmic production that will not only bring something new to radio but also stay along with all the other up-tempos on American radio. Way to go Kat!

EDIT: Another version featuring Fat Man Scoop has also came out, check it out!

What do you think of “Drop It Low.” Did Kat nail it? Let me know in the comments, I always respond.

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