Production duo The Cataracs have been keeping busy! After the success of their #1 single with Far East Movement and Dev “Like A G6,” the guys have been churning out smashes that I’ve compiled here for your listening pleasure. We first have Dev‘s second single “In The Dark,” which follows the moderate success of “Bass Down Low” (#61 on Billboard, #32 in Canda), a track by new artist Tinashe “Chainsaw,” and their debut single as artists “Top Of The World” featuring their main girl Dev. It’s all good, so come on in!

The first track we have is Dev’s “Dancing In The Dark.” The song starts off as any other electropop song would with sexy, space vocals from Dev. The song then takes a funky twist with a trumpet breakdown that sounds similar to the revolution that was Enur and Natasja (may she R.I.P.) “Calabria” or more so along the lines of Alex Gaudino & Christal Waters “Destination Calabria.” The breakdown will definitely offer some variety in the midst of a very dance pop saturated radio in the US, and if it can make it onto radio (which isn’t a huge stretch I believe “Bass Down Low” had moderate play) it can definitely act a refreshing sound for listeners that could lead to it becoming a big hit. I’m a fan!

“Dancing In The Dark” was released on April 26th and is currently 99 cents (iTunes)

Now if you thought “In The Dark” was a lot, then your mind’s about to be shocked with new artist Tinashe and her Catarac production “Chainsaw.” Coming off as a combination of Dev and Cassie, the 18 year-old singer has several different vocal techniques, altered by either her vocal chords or machine, over an equally schizophrenic productions including the sounds soldier drums, buzzing bees, and, yes, even chainsaws. No word if this is Tinashe’s first official single, but you gotta hear this unique sexy, R&B jam.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the dudes’ (don’t they seem so fun? I wanna hang guys) first single “Top Of The World.” Let me say that music fans actually introduced this song to me as I was DJing one night and kept getting requests for it. The people spoke, and they were right! The song starts off with Dev singing the hook of the track (in a very Alex Da Kid move…but it doesn’t come off as hokey as his does sometimes) before jumping right into the electrocuting bassline that shows off The Catarac’s impressive rap skills. Adding in their production skills over their rapping, it just couldn’t lose.

The chorus brings back Dev’s sugary sweet hook (with sounds a little like David Guetta & Akon‘s “Sexy Bitch,” but only a little) before the anthemic “T-T-T-To the top of the world!” before a dance breakdown sure to become a staple at clubs all over the world. And I of course couldn’t leave without pointing this out:

Your daddy must have been a drug dealer. [Why?] I don’t know. I’m just doing anything to get inside your throat.

Awesome. “Top Of The World” was my most played song a month ago and if you’re looking for something to start your party right, this is it.

“Top Of The World” is available now for only 99 cents (iTunes)

So there you go! All your Catarac information updated! Along with just recently announcing working with M.I.A. it seems like these are music’s “it boys” of the moment. And I approve!

What do you think of The Cataracs? How about Dev or Tinashe’s songs? Let me know in the comments, I always respond.

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