Moby is preparing for the release of his new album Destroyed. He released three songs from the set earlier in his Be The One EP. Now, we have the pleasure of listening to a new song “Lie Down In Darkness.” As I originally said about the three tracks we heard on the EP, Moby is going back to classic Moby and playing on all his strengths and this track is a testament to this. Check out the full track as well as 30-second clips from what I’m sensing to be quite an album from Moby that is sure to please old & new fans.

The new track is reminiscent of “Natural Blues” with a prominent old soul sample but with gleaming violins and an old piano as the backing track instead of what was originally recorded. 

While Moby’s samples tend to repeat themselves over and over to the point that it sometimes gets annoying (usually not though) the sample stays fresh with several different elements and spots used (perhaps its more than one song?) so that it doesn’t get tired.

While Moby is no stranger to using obscure soul music samples in his music, he’s showing growth by layering different samples which makes the verses even greater. “Lie Down In Darkness” also sees Moby altering and playing around with the sample, something I hadn’t heard him do before. The effects are great and definitely add a new element to the ever evolving Moby.

We can also listen to 30 second preview clips of Destroyed and like I’ve been saying, its classic Moby but updated to today and he’s never sounded better! I’m too excited for this album! You can listen to those previews HERE.

So what do you think of “Lie Down In Darkness?” Are you excited for Moby’s new album Destroyed? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

Moby’s 10th album Destroyed will be out May 17th.
Current single “The Day” is out now (iTunes) as well as his Be The One EP (iTunes

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