Adele continued on promoting what has been a hugely successful project for her, her 21 album, on The Graham Norton Show last night. Adele sat down for an interview where you got to see her her hilarious personality. Some may say Adele had a bit of an attitude, but that’s probably just Adele not feeling like she’s need to be a practiced robot for interviews. She still came off as very fun and cool even with the air of attitude (Christina Aguilera should take notes). Take a look at that (I was laughing out loud at one of her stories) after the cut + a performance.

Adele is so clearly losing weight and she really does look beautiful!

Moving on to the performance, it was also beautiful but that could be mostly from the very nice and colorful set up. Adele nailed it even though I kind of cringed at her head voice note towards the end–I just do not think her head voice sounds nice and she needs a little polishing of it. Yeah I know, who am I to say Adele needs polishing but still…you’ll see see what I mean.

I’m still not convinced “Set Fire To The Rain” is the best single. Well, I guess I should say that comes because there’s such better music on 21 other than “Fire” that I think there could be a much better showcase of Adele’s depth. “Turning Tables” (which was just covered by ‘Glee’) is in particular wonderful and I think could be a great single choice.

Regardless, I definitely could see this song owning the Adult/Light Rock stations as well eventually getting picked up by mainstream radio–but it would definitely be quicker than “Rolling In The Deep” was. So I get it…just am not 100% happy. Check out the performance below:

What are your thoughts on the interview and performance? Or just tell me what your thoughts are on Adele’s super successful comeback in the comments, I always respond.

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