The incredible Lykke Li has just premiered the music video for her new British single “Sadness Is A Blessing.” This track really is incredible, one of the best from her recently released Wounded Rhymes album. Excellent single choice as it has a nice, easy piano production with mainstream appeal + a nice singalong chorus–but of course taken to the next level because Lykke Li is a musical wonder!! Check out the music video & its supposed meaning after the cut…c’mon a song called “Sadness Is A Blessing?” You know you’re intrigued.

The music video sees Lykke Li in a nice restaurant taking shot after shot as, what is apparently, her father watches on with somewhat subdued horror as the Swedish singer’s gaze darkens and becomes more intense.

According to some searching around, this letter was also released along with the video. I’m not going to make any judgements or assumptions about the letter so I’ll just let you read…

I know I Broke
Your heart, it was never
My intention, all I
Ever wanted was to

So now I’ll let you listen to this AMAZING song (do you get it? You should listen to it at the very least!) and check out the video that ultimately just sees Lykke wanting to be held…and isn’t that what we all want in the end? Yes, yes it is. And we want Lykke Li. She’s currently my most listened to artist this week and was #1 last week, I wonder where she’ll be next week when I post my charts on Saturday (you should join me!)

Lykke Li’s Wounded Rhymes album featuring “Sadness Is A Blessing” is available now (iTunes)

What do you think of Lykke Li’s “Sadness Is A Blessing?” Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. Susanne says:

    I personally, think it has a deeper meaning…almost a reflection of how society can judge and want to put a blind eye or stop the (control) rather than acknowledge the pain (depression) that is so prevalent in society. In Swedish culture it is still very homogenous (despite the large immigrant population) many believe “one” should behave a certain way. Everyone is trying to control her, she is acting out, wanting help, trying to break the silence, and connect with others. She’s breaking out of the status quo…wanting to be herself, step out of the mold and DANCE! I think she is an amazing singer / artist and this video is powerful. I would love to hear her meaning and inspiration behind this song. – Susanne

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