One of my favorite R&B/rappers Lil’ Mo, who’s been staying low since the release of her 2007 album Pain & Paper has started her comeback with her new buzz single “On The Floor.” While Lil’ Mo hasn’t had the most impressive track record, she has left an impact on the industry with two Top 20 albums (though Pain & Paper debuted at #112) and five Top 15 singles in America so seeing Lil’ Mo coming back is exciting to an extent–and I love her style so let’s go! Check out the song as well as some information about her upcoming album.

Lil’ Mo’s new single sees the singer/rapper sticking to what she does best–singing AND rapping! Lil’ Mo once said she could blow Christina Aguilera out of the water…and while that may not be 100% true, she is very talented! I love her flow and she is such a natural at what she does it’s not surprise she’s been in the game for over a decade now.

Lil’ Mo is aware of how long she’s been around and has some very confident, very cock lyrics for listeners on the electro/R&B track including:

 Ain’t it funny how as soon as I went away, ya’ll went into a recessionHere’s a blessing, from your godmother Mo. Industry please act like you know.

All hail Godmother Mo! It’s so true…when Lil’ Mo left, America plummeted into our worst recession since The Great Depression. Can Lil’ Mo save our country? Don’t forget:

Go tell them Little Mo’s back, with no feature. Say my own raps, ’cause I’m all that!

Lil’ Mo doesn’t need a cheap Lady GaGa or Nicki Minaj feature to get your attention. She has you just where she wants and she knows it. You’re hooked, and you’re so excited for Lil’ Mo’s official comeback because she’s “all that.”

Lil’ Mo has a new album coming tentatively titled Tattoos & Roses: The Rebellion Against My Pain. Last year, Godmother Mo said the album would feature MC Lyte, Tweet, Fabolous, and other artists “she respects.” Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Tweet and I love Mo so I’m actually REALLY excited for that song!

Yet in the meantime before that really long album title, listen to “On The Floor” (I bet she’s PISSD JLo stole her song title!)

What do you think of Lil’ Mo’s comeback and buzz single? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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