A post-Pussycat Dolls (may they RIP) project I’m loving is Kimberly Wyatt‘s collaboration with Jupiter Rising member Spencer Nezey for their new musical group Her Majesty & The Wolves. The team (which include 2 DJs Joe Care and Tyler Grasmick) have just premiered the music video for their new song “Goodbye Goodnight.” This release is in preparation of their new album 111 being released on June 13th. Most likely this release will be in The UK only, but there music is on US iTunes so it may be worldwide! Check it out:

The first thing to remember here is that Her Majesty & The Wolves are more of musical/visual/dance project. They want to create different music with great visuals attached to their dance music. And, for the most part, “Goodbye Goodnight” continues with this.

Kimberly isn’t pretending to be diva singer and instead sticks to her strengths with cool, auto-tuned, all over the place vocals. “Goodbye Goodnight” sees the first time we’ve seen Spencer take center stage with vocals and he’s and Kim are on the same level is presenting an interesting (not exactly beautiful or very melodic) vocalizings. The chorus sees the two singing together and at first it might be a little offsetting, but in the end it gets stuck in your head and you want to singalong with them! And luckily, they’re not particularly great vocalists so its THAT much easier to singalong…SMART!

The music video is a wonderful showcase of what the group is all about showing some really interesting visuals along with the top notch dancing Wyatt became famous for while in The Pussycat Dolls as well as by being a judge on Britain’s Got To Dance. Kim looks GREAT with this hairstyle and is showing a whole new side of her we’ve never experienced! While Nicole, Melody, and the other dolls continue with the same old styles they’ve always had, look at Kim showing off yet another side of herself with her beautiful long blonde hair! Looking good!

As well, we finally see “the wolves” and the way they represented them is just so cool and is an awesome, striking visual. As well, I love all the atypical outfits and looks in the video. This is definitely the group’s strength–out of the box visuals–and if their music stays consistent these visuals will just bring them to the next dimension.

In any case, I’m still really excited to hear this album as I loved the buzz “Glaciers” and first “Stars In Your Eyes” singles, and I feel like this album 111 is going to be one very cohesive and impressive album since the concept is so cool. Can’t wait! In the meantime, check out the video below.

What do you think of “Goodbye Goodnight” and Her Majesty In The Wolves? Are you excited for the album in June? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

The “Her Majesty and The Wolves – EP” is available now in America (iTunes)

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