In my going ongoing quest to study and understand the Asian music industry (particularly Korea and Japan) I’m finding it difficult to have continuous posts keeping up with everything I’m finding postworthy mostly because the industry moves very fast, and I am still trying to understand it and have legitimate content to post. Thus why I bring you this post featuring some top K Pop girl groups! Check out what caught my ears below! ( + I would love some help or discussion about the Asian music market if anyone is interested!)

First up we have my favorite K Pop girl group (who I’ve done posts about before) After School who have just kicked off their comeback with the music video for their new single “Shampoo” (a picture from their cover art was used as the picture). Before you judge the ridiculous title, check it out: the title Shampoo is a metaphor for their love with the girls saying they want be like the shampoo in their hair, always staying with them, but also can sting their eyes if they use them wrong. Love it!

The song is also synthy brilliance bringing in a gorgeous piano line that acts as a direct progression from the song that made me fall in love with them “Because Of You.” That sees the girls stray a little farther away from easy, extremely catchy elements and keeps true to their top notch harmony and sing/rap skills but its taken to the next level. The music video also showcases these beautiful girls in wonderful lighting & cinematography. I love After School! Expect specific posts later about them since I think they’re too good. In the meantime, check out “Shampoo”

Next up we have a song in a more fun vain, featuring Korean girl group SNSD that are coming with a new single for Japan called “Mr. Taxi.” Once again, it’s a bunch of beautiful girls but this time with a very cute & sexy look with their Taxi outfits, I love it! Also, the song is extremely catchy and fun and Japan seems to be catching on! The music video (below) was the most viewed video from Japanese YouTube and the single is looking to have a high debut on the charts. You’ll find yourself singing along “Taxi taxi taxi” soon enough!

While the music video’s been out for awhile, I think this group is important to post about mostly because of the cemented plans to have them break into the United States. It’s new Korean group Rania, who are being produced by American producer Teddy Riley (who’s worked with Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson, and Rihanna amongst others) who is seemingly trying to break into the Asian and American market with his creation. I think this group is particularly interesting as its being led by an American producer and if I’m any testament to it, being an American trying to figure out this industry is not easy. And I consider myself a cosmopolitan adult with a wide paradigm.

Unsurprisingly, the group has found trouble with their new music video being too racy, dance moves being too provocative, and difficulties having their single catch on. Maybe its from management? Just maybe…regardless, I think they’re an important group to take note of because of their atypical situation. Check out the English (i.e. racy) version of their first single “Dr. Feel Good,” that is a visual representation of what would it would look like if Beyonce ran the Pussycat Dolls.

Last but not least is Rainbow who have premiered their new single “To Me.” The track was produced by the same producers of After School’s “Shampoo,” so you can hear some similarities. I like both tracks but think After School is more melodic whereas Rainbow’s music comes off much more hard hitting. Regardlessthis is an impressive track and it got my attention as, you can tell, there are a lot of Korean girl groups looking to get noticed again.

So who’s your favorite at this time? Please note that I am not at all saying that these are the only groups coming from Korea, or even the best, it is just what caught my eyes and ears as an American here in New York City. Like I said, I’d love to talk with anyone who wants to give me suggestions or teach me more about the industry. I’ve been talking to my buddy Jacques from TheProphetBlog and mostly get my Asian music from there, but if you guys have suggestions send them over please! Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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