In what was a surprise for all music fans early this morning, two low quality song snippets of new songs by Christina Aguilera has snuck their way onto the internet! With the success of ‘The Voice’ (12.2 million viewers beating out both ‘Glee’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars…huge!) earlier this week, there is looking to be a refreshed interest in Aguilera and with these new song snippets (granted, they are very low quality but sound extremely high quality in terms of musical quality) only fuels a successful comeback for Xtina. Check em out!

These two clips see Christina actually reverting to what has worked in the past for her…but bringing a completely fresh and exciting new angle to the music!

The first clip, being called “Nasty,” (very Dirrtytina of her) has memories of the Back To Basics era with blaring horns, funky beat, and a prominent sample. The song is extremely catchy and you can already feel yourself bumping around the song’s fun lyrics (from what you can make out) and the sample is hot! It sounds like an angsty Etta James with a frog in her throat yelling about wanting to get nasty! It’s very much in the same vein of “Still Dirrty,” but sounds much better…as I personally think that song didn’t live up to expectations. As always, vocals are top notch!

I’d say that this is just a leftover song from the Back To Basics record but Christina said in an interview she couldn’t part with any of the songs from the record except for one she recorded very drunk with Linda Perry one day called “F**k You, Suck You,” still awaiting that one! Take a listen to “Nasty” here:

****EDIT: We now have a longer, complete but still very low quality snippet of the song. There’s rumors that the sample (that I called an angsty Etta James) could be her fellow ‘Voice’ judge Cee Lo Green. Aguilera revealed in a recent interview that the two are trying to work together so this very well may have been the track. Cee Lo’s always been known for his top notch old-school productions (case and point: “Sandcastle Disco” by Solange…or of course “Fuck You” by the man himself!). This song sounds absolutely awesome and maybe Christina read my blog when I suggested she could use her new hit TV show as the platform to release a new single…or at least a promotional one, and if Cee Lo’s on it, she’s got in made. Go girl! Check out this new clip:

Just listened again…its totally Cee Lo. Exciting!!!! It must be new! (Ignore the Back To Basics cover).

Next, we  have the track being called “La Casa.” And this one shows Spanishtina! This one should be even more exciting for Christina fans who have been waiting for new Spanish material from her since her 2001 release Mi Reflejo to which she’s only recorded three other songs in Spanish (a charity single “El Ultimo Adios,” a Spanish version of Stripped track “Get Mine Get Yours” titled “Dame Lo Que Yo Te Doy,” and a truly beautiful duet with Andrea Bocelli “Somos Novios”).

Again, “La Casa” (in English “The House”) takes something we’ve heard from Christina, but takes it to a new, refreshed level! The song takes Latin music elements, combines them with her voice, and makes some wonderful results! Both these clips use a lot of real instruments (making me think perhaps she made these with Sia and Sam Dixon as I’m hearing some elements from the Bionic songs the 3 worked together on on both clips) and here it sounds like she’s using real Spanish guitars and horns. There’s a huge note at the end you just gotta hear as well.

So I would listen to these NOW rather than later because most likely the clips are going to be pulled down quickly, but regardless these are VERY exciting and give indication Christina may come out with that new album sooner than we think.

What did you think of “Nasty” and “La Casa?” Are you excited for new Christina music? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.


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  1. Christina says:

    I want ”Nasty” in high quality so bad!!! The worst quality for the VOICE OF OUR GENERATION!!!

    • UGH I know Christina! These clips are obviously doing nothing for what are appearing to be amazing songs, but hopefully it won’t be too long til we have them in full! I wonder what they’re for! There’s a lot of rumors about soundtracks, demos, leftovers, etc.

  2. Lord says:

    I loved what I heard. Hope they are new!!!

    • I love them too! The latest is that the Spanish song could be for a soundtrack for a new Will Ferrel movie.

      And there’s still a lot of debate about “Nasty” being from Back To Basics or being a new track, but I can tell you its a new track since Christina said herself that her & Cee Lo have been trying for awhile to work together and as a big fan of his, I’m almost sure that’s him on the track. So this would have to be new. Also, like I said in the post, Christina left only one silly song off of BTB.

  3. New MQ (maybe HQ?) Clip of “Nasty” http://twaud.io/r3gv enjoy!

  4. xD says:

    nasty was from the burlesque era it was gonna be in the movie cee lo said but it didnt make it and la casa is in the will ferrel movie i think ? (:

  5. Juan López says:

    I love la casa. Her voice is flawless.

  6. xmen4ever8290 says:

    I know that this is a bit late but there was a commercial for Will Farrell’s new move La Casa De Mi Padre and “La Casa” by Christina is played in it. That means we shall soon get it on the iTunes! WOOT!

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