While M.I.A. has remained relatively quiet (for her standards) after the release of her third album /\/\ /\ Y /\, electronic’s leading lady has been staying busy in the studio with some interesting collaborators! Gathered from tweets and statements from several artists Maya has been in the studio with some interesting names which is far cry from her usual Diplo/Switch productions and taking unknown foreign names (like aborigine musical group The Wilcannia Mob). Find out what she’s up to after the cut…believe me, you’ll be surprised!

While you could say this could be inspired off of her collaboration with the likes of Christina Aguilera on the excellent Bionic cut “Elastic Love” and Jay-Z on her also excellent “XXXO” remix, M.I.A. is in the studio with some very mainstream names!

First up, we have found out she was in the studio with producer Polow Da Don. Polow, in my opinion, is an extremely hit or miss producer with his work including: Fergie’s “London Bridge,” Nicole Scherzinger’s “Whatever U Like,” Usher’s “Hot Tottie,” Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight,” Ciara’s “Promise” and “Never Ever,” and The Paradiso Girls’ “Patron Tequila” (except a Song Of The Day post on that one coming up p.s!). While Polow has never been like RedOne, Ne-Yo, or David Guetta recycling his sounds and beats…he can sometimes drop the ball on a single. Very interesting producer for someone who’s usually stuck to those who get her…like Diplo, Switch, and Blaqqstar.

Additionally, Chris Brown has been tweeting about how he was in the studio with Polow and Maya! R&B’s redemption boy (eh…maybe that’s a stretch) was tweeting excitedly the other day saying:

Was in the studio with the incredible M.I.A and Polow!! Amazing artist! Real talent.

Yes, M.I.A. is real talent. Is Chris on that same level? Hmm…you decide.

Moving on, another big producer confirmed through the tweets has been Swizz Beatz. Again, another surpise as I see his productions as very hit or miss as well. His work includes Eve’s “Tambourine,” Diddy – Dirty Money’s “Ass On The Floor,” Beyonce’s “Check On It,” Gwen Stefani’s “Now That You Got It,” and Whitney Houston’s “Million Dollar Bill.” Like Polow, some absolute smashes, some not so much. Interesting!

Additionally, artist/production duo The Cataracs (who you all seem to be loving, expect an in-depth post with lots of music on them soon!) have been working extensively with the artist. One half of the duo,  Niles “Cyrano” Hollowell-Dhar, said of her current projects:

[She is] working on a mixtape, and she wants it to be like an album.

M.I.A. already released one mixtape (the Vicki Leex mixtape which you can snag on this post) at the top of 2011, and now she’s got another! Girl is going to make sure she’s got the right sound before releasing another album it seems like! While Maya gave M.I.A. her highest debut on the Billboard charts, it was her lowest selling album to date. Let’s hope these interesting collaborations lead to some innovative magic. While I loved her last album, the noisiness really turned some people off.

What do you think? Are you excited for M.I.A. to collaborate with these guys? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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