Tonight was the night! In its best attempt to rival the dominating music network FOX (home to American Idol, Glee, and the upcoming The X Factor), NBC premiered its heavily promoted new music competition The Voice featuring celebrity coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. Find out all the juicy gossip (SPOILER ALERT!) about the show and who you should watch for, who you shouldn’t and the initial impressions the show made during its blind audition stage where we mostly got to meet the judges and see their chemistry.

To kick off the show and introduce the judges, the foursome sang Gnarles Barkley‘s “Crazy” (rated by Rolling Stone as the best song of the decade…agree?) with each artist holding their own well, but of course Aguilera taking some mighty big notes (and the center stage spot) for the performance.

Still let’s get right into the performers! In a very idea, you can purchase all their audition songs on iTunes actually (and there’s some worth your money!) by going to the online store where it’s the first featured banner. You can also see each coach’s iTunes playlist.

Let’s meet our contestants!

Tarralyn Ramsey: a cute 31 year-old African American woman who sadly said that the coaches not being able to see her would be “an advantage” she thought. She’s a beautiful woman! Luckily, she did an extremely interetsing rendition of Faith Hill’s “Breathe” which got the attention of Cee Lo and Christina. This was the first audition so there wasn’t much bantering or fighting, but ultimately Ramsey chose to sing for Team Xtina. You should check out Tarralyn’s rendition, which you can do by clicking on the link (iTunes). Love her!

Patrick Thomas: While it may have been obvious that a big voiced female singer like Ramsey would go with Christina, it was even more obvious that young country singer Thomas would end up with Blake Shelton. After Christina asked him to take his hat off (he obliged) and then his pants off (she was apparently kidding, letting Dirrtytina out for a second), he of course chose Blake after singing “Like You Were Dying” (iTunes). He’s a cutie, but not thoroughly impressed.

Jared Blake: a rocking middle-aged man who overcame drug and alcohol addiction to get to the higher place he is today, was not chosen by anyone (harsh).

Vicci Martinez: an absolutely rock out lesbian (that was the focus of her audition) took on Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” that she kiiiiilled hitting high C’s all over the place! Again, Cee Lo and Christina wanted her and she ultimately choose quirky Cee Lo which worked for this quirky sanger. (iTunes)

Sonia Rao: I found her attitude a little annoying and she was not focusing on the point of the show. She sang Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” and was almost chosen by Cee Lo, but ultimately no coach chose her. I’m in agreeance with this decision. 

Ellenowen: a married couple (what a twist!! There can be DUOS!) that sang that overdone “Falling Slowly” song from “Once” (still love it!). Cee Lo wanted to turn them into the new Sonny & Cher, Blake offered the promise that with his guidance their relationship will not change in the crazy industry. The wife let her husband make the decision (minus one for the feminist movement…) and he chose Blake. (iTunes)

Frenchie Davis: controversial American Idol contestant who originally kicked off the show after appearing on a pornographic website made her return to reality TV by auditioning with a rather unimpressive version of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.” Regardless, it got Christina’s attention and has her on her team. We all know the girl can sing (and could have possibly won Idol 8 years ago) so she’s good in my book. Her name trended worldwide on Twitter for awhile after she auditioned. (iTunes)

Kelsey Ray: this young girl talked about how her good looks were such a disadvantage for her…um, sure. Anyway, she sang “American Boy” which led to Cee Lo, Adam, and Xtina all wanting her. She chose Cee Lo…don’t see much going on with her though. (iTunes)

Jeff Jenkins: Seems like an AWESOME kid who tried out with a country song but could probably pull off any other genre. I believe all 4 judges wanted him and he chose Adam Levine and was Adam’s first teammember. (iTunes)

Rebecca Loebe: I called her “dumb homeless girl” as she’s apparently homeless but she has enough money to dye her bangs blue? Regardless, I LOVED her atypical audition that reminded me of Sia or Florence Welch. I loved her and am most likely going to buy her audition single. She chose Adam in the end. Check it out! (iTunes)

JoAnn Rizzo: an old Jersey gal! I thought she was the cutest and she sang “I Say A Little Prayer For You” but ultimately she was just a little too unpolished and no coach chose her

Xenia: this brave little girl is 15 year-old is totally what this show’s all about as she said she never sang even in front of her schoolmates. She did “Breaking Even” and eventually chose Blake as he and Cee Lo battled for her. She’s going to need to a little work to win over America, but with the right mentoring she could be a black horse for sure! (iTunes)

Tje Austin: another epitome of a contestant for the show. He’s an African American man raised by his white cowboy parents. With a version of “Just The Way You Are” he started off very shaky, but mostly showed his true colors in the chorus. We’ll have to see about him…not confident he could go much further. (iTunes)

Javier Colon: another Twitter trender! His unique take on Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” had all 4 judges wanting to take him on his team. Definitely one to watch and liste for! (iTunes)

Beverly McCellan: last but not least, this absolutely rocker chick, 41 years of age, has an absolutely crazy range that made her match with Christina absolutely perfect. Can’t wait to see what she pulls off! (iTunes)

So that’s episode one! In the episode we saw a very X Factor-like audition process with us getting those emotional attachments to the contestants’ families as they watched their loved one do what they love and they jumped, screamed, and cried backstage with Carson Daly.

We also saw some cute rivalries between Adam and Christina, as well as Adam and Blake duking it out a couple times. All 4 coaches seem to be hilarious in their own ways so it should be interesting to see what happens, I’m sure there will be several quoteworthy moments coming up.

Basically…great first episode! Talent is top notch. Coaches are top notch. The angle is fresh and Twitter is exploding over it. I’d say successful first episode. Can’t wait til next week!

Did you catch The Voice? What did you think? Who are your favorites? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. Emerson says:

    Book-marked, I really like your blog! 🙂

  2. Lord says:

    I think you should give a download link for every episode. :p Or is that not allowed?

    • Hmmm! I don’t I think I can post that on the blog…but perhaps if you ask me on Twitter (@MultiDMusicBlog) I can help you investigate that idea & hook you up 😉

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