Ciara started seeing her career change a little with the release of her 3rd album, but that does not mean the material got any worse–in fact I think it got better! As seen on the excellent cut “Turntables” featuring Chris Brown. Produced by Danja, this song fell into some unfortunate circumstances as Chris was the most hated boy in the world, and while the song is top notch it was not going to be released as a single with Brown’s situation and what other male singer was going to pull it off like him? Read more…

The song starts with the out from left field sample of AR Rahman’s “Kehna Hi Kya” (you can hear the oringinal below) along with some sexy introductory whispers from Ciara, the listener realizes this song could literally go anywhere.

We eventually realize the Indian sample continues throughout this hip-hop/dance track as the 808 jumps in giving it a unique foreign flavor that is always a winning combination in urban music if done right (remember “Addictive” by Truth Hurts or the track R. Kelly produced for Britney Spears “Outrageous”). And this sample was used wonderfully to add a mysterious element to the chorus as well as embellish the verses.

The song sees Ciara and Chris trade off in what they do best and that’s their excellent harmony work. They are constantly adding interesting layers to their sections and it continually builds to keep bringing parts that your ears are automatically drawn to.

It really is an unfortunate situation that Chris Brown was in such a horrible professional position when this track was finally released. Ciara has spoke about how he was possibly going to be replaced before her album was released (giving indication the song would be a single) but after you already had Justin Timberlake on a single, who else could of pulled of “Turntables?” The song became an extremely popular track on iTunes as it jumped into the Top 100 when Fantasy Ride was released–despite absolutely no promo. Additionally, Ci Ci was one of the first artists to feature Chris Brown again on a record after his Rihanna mishap; a risky move.

Regardless, this track is urban brilliance and brings so many different layers that you can’t help but listen to it just once–you gotta hear that sample once more or hear what Ciara did right before that chorus. Believe me, must hear (as all our song picks are).

What do you think of “Turntables” and its legacy? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

“Turntables” is available on iTunes HERE.

The original sample “Kehna Hi Kya”

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