Despite this song leaking in May of 2009, Jennifer Lopez has selected the track, officially titled “(What Is) LOVE?” as the final iTunes Countdown promotioal single for her album Love? hitting stores on April 29th in European territories and May 10th, 2011 meaning the album isn’t too far from leaking to the internet. But this post is about one of the best J Lo songs ever “(What Is) LOVE?” that was actually on the soundtrack to her film “The Back-Up Plan” but now is the title track to her comeback album. Check it all out after the cut:

First off, BEAUTIFUL cover art! I love it! It actually made me want to go buy the single right off iTunes so I could have the art in my library right away! All of the art has kept with the same font and look and is a great move for consistency to keep the idea of Jennifer’s music career extremely glossy, colorful, and pretty as the album cover is the ultimately epitome of this idea–feather eyelashes and all. 

The title track features lyrics penned by none of other than one of’s favorite artists Wynter Gordon (who I believe also adds some back up vocals). The song takes an idea most can relate to (what is love?) and takes it to the desperate and longing feelings that come with this confusion.

What is love? What is love? What is love? Somebody show me. What is love? What is love? What is love? ‘Cause if you told me. What is love? What is love? What is love? I wouldn’t be lonely. Please show me.

Things got a little deeper since “Do It Well.” We also have the hard hitting bridge that tells the story of being alone for the past three years on Valentines Day and how Jennifer will be “singing love’s praises, if you would show me!”

You can truly feel the emotion behind some of J Lo’s best vocals to date on this somewhat of an anthemic song. If this got the proper push from her new gig on American Idol, it could get the chance it deserves. I suggest a medley of this and her current hit “On The Floor” to show a deeper and very musical side of Jennifer (thus proving why she’s right to be judging American Idol) as well finally giving a performance to her hit single and showing she can also own the dance floor. C’mon J Lo! I know you’re read this!

Regardless, I would go on to say that this Jennifer Lopez’s best song overall. She’s had some seriously great tunes but most of them were really great in one aspect–like a really great dance song or a really great Latin track. But “(What Is) LOVE?” just takes the cake all over.

What do you think of this track? Could it be a single? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

“(What Is) LOVE?” Jennifer Lopez

“(What Is) LOVE?” is available now as the final ‘Countdown To…LOVE?’ iTunes promotional single HERE.

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