The children of Bob Marley have had their share of impact on pop culture. With Bob’s continuing legacy always keeping them relevant, several have made forays into music most recently Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley teaming up Nas for a joint album. Ziggy Marley has stuck mostly to solo music which has included raggae-inspired pop to children’s music (he did the theme song for Arthur don’tcha know?). With the coming of spring, I’m inspired to post this excellent nature loving song “Dragonfly” by the famous son.

Opening with some Latin-inspired percussion, “Dragonfly” is a light song sonically, with a deeper message about man’s destructive attitude towards nature.

Sticking with island and raggae sounds, but combining them with a pop/rock production to make the song very accessible to all listeners. Ziggy takes a very classical singing approach to the song and does not include an accent that his music sometimes includes. I feel all these were conscious choices made to make the music appeal more to a Western audience. While I’m usually not a supporter of changing up styles to cater to audiences, I believe messages this important and music this good need to initially do what’s necessary to make an impression–and I found this song from my best friend from high school (an at the time 16 year-old volleyball playing, Abercrombie & Fitch wearing Greek boy) so if this song found him, it must have made some type of impression on the mainstream scene.

The song has some thought-provoking lyrics like:

Dog looked at me and said, “Ziggy, why can’t we trust man?
Puss and me get together, why can’t you all just understand?”
An old tree stood there silently listening to every word we said
As a tear fell, he cried, “What type of creature is man?”

I said, “Hey Mr. Tree, the world change but you remain the same.
And I wonder how you survive with the environment going down the drain?”
Hey Miss Butterfly, I see you look at me with your beautiful eyes
You must be wondering what type of creature am I?

Awesome. And makes you think a little doesn’t it? Check out the track below and let me know what you think of today’s song choice. Leave me a comment, I always respond.

“Dragonfly” by Ziggy Marley off the album of the same name is available on iTunes.

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