Producer/Artist Frankmusik has found success in Britain with his debut album released in 2009 that spawned two Top 30 singles. He just recently released his new single “Do It In The AM” featuring hot rap group of the momet Far East Movement on a single that most definitely will see his reign continue in The UK; as well as other territories! This song has got all the right elements to be a summer jam and could even crack the notoriously difficult US market. Check it out after the cut:

With an introduction call out from Far East Movement, which should provide some a quick recognition from fans of “Like A G6” or “Rocketeer,” the song doesn’t waste time with a glossy introduction as Frankmusik jumps right into the sparkling pop beat that includes a lot of easy rhymes and repetitions that make the song instantly catchy.

The chorus attacks the listener as well with the catchy hook “We only do it in the AM” with a response “A M!” that repeats until the final line “We only do it in the A to the M, then we do it again baby” thats bound to get stuck in your head.

Far East Movements’ boys sound great over the production that takes an even more upbeat turn when they jump in adding a lot of name calling meaning that anyone that listens to the song enough times won’t be able to forget Frankmusik, Far East Movements’, or Cherry Cherry Boom Boom’s (a writer on the track) names.

In a very smart and cool move, there’s a dubstep-esque breakdown in the last 40 seconds of the track which makes the ending of the song that much more exciting before hitting the final chorus, one a little different than the others, making the song end on an extremely high note.

Frankmusik is now signed under Cherrytree Records. Cherrytree worked heavily Lady GaGa and Far East Movement when they hit the scene in the US and that paid off, but also has been working extensively with the likes of Robyn, Ellie Goulding, Natalia Kills, amongst others that hasn’t worked as well so far. But with an aggressive radio campaign (this song is just MADE to played during the summer!) and having it available on iTunes as soon as it gets picked up somewhere big…it could definitely see Frankmusik’s foray into America. I’m predicting it’s a hit! Whether it can be a hit in the US or not will depend on a lot of factors but I’m expecting this to be big somewhere.

What do you think of “Do It In The AM.” Is it a hit? Tell me in the comments! I always respond.

“Do It In The AM” Frankmusik featuring Far East Movement

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