I guess to continue to prove her relevance, Britney Spears has gathered two of the hottest female acts (other than herself) at the moment Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha for her official remix of “Til The World Ends.” While there are a ton of strange reasons behind the remix (noted after the cut) the song itself is actually quite good. Britney also made an appearance at an after party for Nicki (picture to the left) last night as what was most likely an easy to continue hype for this remix. Check it all out after the cut:

“Til The World Ends” is a hit in its own right. It’s peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, and is still rising at radio. Granted its suffering from being released at the awkward time for a second single when they wanted another single digitally released so that there would be two singles from the album garnering a huge amount of downloads (with big debuts) that also makes people more likely to buy the full album as they already have 2 songs (or $2.58) invested in the album. Did that paragraph make sense? I’m tired…

Regardless, clearly the song is not getting the longevity they wanted from it so they went with an extremely easy ploy to make SURE its an even bigger hit–some features! And with judging how the remix of Rihanna‘s “S&M” went for Britney, they thought they’d follow a similar path.

The thing is, it was such an obvious, easy ploy. First off, the remix is featuring Ke$ha, the writer of the song. Most likely Ke$ha did not record her own verses for the remix, but instead this was left over vocals from a demo the singer did of the track. And when you’re making demos for Britney Spears you’re going to make them good–thus why it sounds so polished. OK, easy feature added.

But then of course they added the done-to-death Nicki Minaj feature. Granted Minaj has been taking a break from features at the moment, but with her new David Guetta/Flo Rida track just recently leaking, it doesn’t even seem like Nicki really left the feature world. Again, a very easy ploy to add the hottest rapper who doesn’t seem like she says no to features anyway.

Moving on, this remix is strange because Britney hardly does features in the first place! Or should I say, she used to hardly do them. Before the Femme Fatale era her albums rarely had any features. Those features included some pretty big and interesting names: Dr. John, Ying Yang Twins, and Madonna. The actual album was interesting enough adding (eh…) and an unknown female rapper Sabi, and that was still quite legitimate.

But now jumping on a Rihanna remix as well putting Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj on your tracks? It doesn’t seem to add up. I’m gonna just let you think about those names for now.

Luckily though, the remix is very good. Minaj starts the track with some singing that comes off extremely strong and impressive showing possibly a future move the femcee will use in future recordings. Eventually it turns into Nicki’s signature rapping that she (of course) kills bringing several personalities (of course).

Ke$ha isn’t adding much more other than a new way of singing the pre-chorus, that of course then explodes into the crowd “oh oh oh oh” chants that still hits just as hard as it always does.

The breakdown is great as well with Britney dipping into dubstep territory again, perhaps trying to trick people into thinking its another pop innovation like in “Hold It Against Me.” The dubstep break combines different elements of the chants as well with now what has become a signature Spears move of kitten-like “oohs” and “ohs.” Awesome addition.

So while it’s annoying that Britney seems to be going feature crazy, if the results are as as good as these (and not like the “S&M” remix…) I’m not going to complain too much. But then again, we all know who’s really in control of Brit’s career…

“Til The World Ends (Remix featuring Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha)” Britney Spears

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