One of my favorite artists and one of today’s most influential artists Wyclef Jean released a new music video for a new track titled “Mentality Of A Lion.” First off, what an awesome title. Wyclef released a music video for this track which you can find under the cut. I’m almost positive this is just a promotional/viral track, but it’s always good to have the former Fugees member put out new music…except he probably doesn’t like that I just refered to him that way. Find out why and hear the song after the cut:

The video starts out in an extremely lame and played out way to be honest (sorry Wyclef). It’s mostly just another way for Wyclef to push the agenda about himself that he’s always pushing. He tells the kid how he’s not the same member from The Fugees that he was before (apparently everyone wants that version Wyclef back? I disagree but then again I was very young in the 90’s) as he said in his opening track “Warrior’s Anthem” from his latest mixtape album From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion (he’s a fan, but no he ain’t Will.I.Am…). 

He also again brings up the apparently still sore subject of how he wasn’t allowed to run for President of Haiti despite the fact he has property there! Don’t worry though, he’s going to run in 5 years (…just keep making music!). The point gets brought up extremely randomly, and is actually hilarious if you listen to the conversation just as straight conversation. Nice try though?

But back to the music, the song’s pretty good too. I’m not dying over the track to be honest, but I do love hearing him sing over this strong tribal sound. It gets better with each listen and I’m liking it more and more showing how Wyclef really can do no wrong in my eyes usually (I even forgave him for the line “I’m a fan, but no I’m not will.i.am” line…can’t you tell from earlier I’m over it?). Anyway, I can’t wait for Wyclef’s new album and this looks like its the preview for his next full album.

What do you think of “Mentality Of A Lion,” are you excited for new Wyclef music? I’m going to post his latest hit “Sweetest Girl” as well just in case you’re confused about who this awesome artist is.

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  1. Here’s a download link to the song since I’m almost sure it’s a viral/promo song, enjoy! http://www.str8tzmag.com/?p=4140&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=twitterfeed

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