Today, Kelis is more known has shifted her focus to dance/electronic music and it’s completely wonderful. Rather than have watered down versions of the genre like the radio today, Kelis went completely into
that world with her latest album Fleshtone. While we could choose those tracks as Song Of The Day, I thought we’d reminisce about urban Kelis & one of her best tracks “Blindfold Me” featuring ex-husband Nas. The sexy track still sounds just as hot as it did when it was scrapped as a single in 200

Kelis and Nas take us into the bedroom with “Blindfold Me.” Kelis, the blindfolded, tells the details of this experimental sex and the vulnerability of not knowing exactly what is happening to her body. While it there’s a lot chanting and rhaspy screams amidst some kinda sexy, kinda silly lyrics you never doubt this song because it works so well for the person Kelis has created in the track.

Nas (one of the best rappers out there) has a rap that is one of the song’s highlights. With some lyrics like:

Grant your wishes. I leave your four senses: smelling, feeling, tasting, and hearing…What I’m about to do, the suspense so intense, won’t allow you to move. Gonna surprise you.

Nas tells the viewpoint of the male perspective and the dominating force with some other great lines in there that don’t 100% make sense (kinda like Kelis’ section) but still work for the track.

Still don’t think Kelis is laying on the bed while her man gets to do whatever he wants to her. She’s yelling in the chorus after she’s blindfolded:

Then I get sexy on him, get sexy on him!

So don’t worry everyone’s in control, everyone’s having a great time, on this excellent urban track produced by Polow Da Don & Sean Garrett (which instills hope in me for Polow as a producer as he is VERY hit or miss). Take a listen below!

What do you think of “Blindfold Me.” Do you miss urban Kelis? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

p.s. thanks to one of my best friends Kera for showing me this track originally in 2007.

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