In what was totally an artistic choice by Rihanna and not a cheap ploy to ensure the 3rd single from her Loud album went to #1, the remix of “S&M,” where the original was only peaking at #2, featuring Britney Spears will be the new #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 tomorrow. While the remix was not actually re-mixed, but instead just adding an extremely robotic sounding Spears to some verses and choruses was apparently enough to fool everyone into pushing it into the the #1 spot. Find out more after the cut.

Even with the unstoppable Lady GaGa releasing her second single “Judas” on Friday, the downloads that propelled the track to the #1 spot weren’t enough to stop the numbers “S&M” did. “Judas” earned 163,000 downloads in 3 days. This new remix pushed 293,000 copies–given the already strong downloads of the original “S&M” along with it being the 2nd most played song on radio, it was going to happen.

Honestly, this just looks like Rihanna is trying her best to keep up with Katy Perry, who just earned her 4th #1 with her remix of  the single “E.T.” featuring Kanye West…perhaps this gif tells a little more than we know?

Anyway, why don’t we just stop playing into the constant Rihanna and Katy feeds and just support the NEW #1 single on iTunes…AdelesRolling In The Deep.” The true diva to outshine them all! Given the latest #1’s on iTunes with Judas, E.T., S&M…Rolling In The Deep is acutally quite surprising. Still this reinstates my hope in the American public that they recognize good music when they see it Support!

What are your thoughts on the new American #1? Tell me in the comments, I’ll always respond.

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