Well, she’s back. Sooner than anyone thought. Beyonce has finally made official word on her new track, titled “Run The World (Girls),” that leaked two days ago. The singer’s new era kicks off with her new track being “premiered” on US radio at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning following an iTunes release at midnight. Who knows if Beyonce and her team were planning to kick things off so early, but here we go regardless. Get more info and the new single review after the cut.

The first single of an artist is always supposed to make a splash. Beyonce’s new single sure would have done that…if it wasn’t already used and heard several times at this point! The song that heavily (and by heavily I mean, I don’t think it changed a thing except for a few seconds in the introduction?) samples Major Lazer‘s “Pon De Floor.” While the track didn’t necessarily make a huge impact anywhere, Major Lazer has made an impact in their own right in terms of now being one of the most in demand producers with their members working with huge names likes of Christina Aguilera and Chris Brown amongst their already big client list of M.I.A. and Santigold.

So okay, Beyonce wants to use an obscure electronic track…too bad Diddy – Dirty Money and Swizz Beatz already had the idea. The tribal drum beats on their promotional single “Ass On The Floor” was a prominent section of the song and is instantly recognizable in the urban music community. The track didn’t necessarily go anywhere either (#80 on the R&B charts) but the music video had a big run on BET’s 106 & Park along with the song being performed on big television promotional spots.

So as a way to make a big impact and explode back onto the scene Beyonce chooses something that relies on a song released back in 2009? She did just fire her father as her manager…

Regardless, I’m (at the moment) liking the song. Mostly because I’m such a fan of “Pon De Floor” and “Ass On The Floor.” But also Beyonce is coming back with her awesome harmonies (that have been lacking since her Dangerously In Love album). Also, I’m loving her completely ridiculous and trashy lyrics like (after hearing them once or twice…so they may be wrong FYI):

I think I need a barber! None of these broads can fight me. I’m so good with this, I’ll remind you I’m so hood with this…who runs this mutha?!?!

She’s gotten even better! Oh wait…she never wrote them in the first place. Anyway, I actually believe she wrote these lyrics (with “Single Ladies” collaborator The-Dream) because they are so ridiculous! They are fun and show a different side of Beyonce vocally, but I don’t get why! I mean, she’s so polished in her career that it almost doesn’t make sense. Regardless, I’m loving it…maybe because its such a bad career move…but that would make me sound mean.

There’s a small teaser video out there reminding everyone the song is on iTunes tomorrow, they’ll probably release it in the afternoon to ensure they get the busiest time to buy singles to make her comeback as successful as possible–even if people aren’t feeling the song they’ll be interested in a Beyonce song.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you guys are thinking about this track and the Grammy winner coming back. Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

Personally, I’d rather just listen to Kelly Rowland going crazy on a track…similar title? “I’m Dat Chick.

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