Rumors are swirling around the internet that tracks are leaking off a rumored cancelled Remix EP for Christina Aguilera’s Bionic album promotions. Xtina worked with Ladytron on tracks for the album including the absolutely brilliant (but for some reason only included on the deluxe edition) track “Birds Of Prey.” We now have a remix done by one of the members of Ladytron, Reuben Wu, who made the song even more atmospheric with this excellent remix. Hear after the cut.

While Wu did not bring a whole new level or sound to this remix, the mix instead sees all the best parts of the song done in a bigger way with some added embellishments. We have the driving disco bass line below the haunting different vocalizations Aguilera sings over the track, but the 5:33 remix allows for everything to be held out longer and hit harder.

The synthesizers are a huge force in this remix as the motif of Aguilera’s whisperings:

They fight and they feed. They take what they need. The bite as you bleed.

Chilling to say the least and Reuben Wu makes his remix extremely impressive by playing off of all the right parts and making sure nothing is overlooked (as they can be easily in the original if the listener isn’t paying attention).

There are rumored remixes to be coming from the likes of Ralphi Rosario, Bimbo Jones, DiscoTech, Nadastrom, Sticky K, and Gareth Wyn of different Bionic tracks including fan favorites like “Elastic Love,” “Vanity,” and “Desnudate.” I’ll be on the look out, I love this remix! Hopefully they only get better!

What do you think of Wu’s Ladytron Remix? Tell me in the comments, I always respond. Are you looking forward to more Bionic remixes leaking?

EDIT: Embedding is not working at the moment, so CLICK HERE to listen!


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  1. Jose says:

    I think it is amazing. I happen to enjoy Christina Aguilera’s album Bionic, I wished it was promoted better, and given a better chance especially the bonus tracks Birds of Prey being amongst my favorite on the album. I think this remix is amazing, its almost like a 12″ mix but a little faster and harder. hopefully the other remixes turn up. I would love to hear those as well 🙂

    • Completely agree Jose! I think “Bionic” is a great album, not perfect…but definitely much better than the flack it gets. Certain songs were not very good, but songs like “Birds Of Prey” are AMAZING! I love your idea about making this faster and harder; a dubstep remix would be incredible as well. I’ll keep you all posted if more remixes surface!

  2. Xadax says:

    I want her to bring Bionic (Remastered – esp. ‘Glam’) back in its original tracklisting as what Ladytron tweeted about this project being compromised by RCA.

    After it was released, I honestly put Back To Basics & Stripped on hold for listening/ music sessions up until now. It was such a fun ride & to think she sang songs out of her comfort zone. I understood fully what she was after even if it was compromised esp. when you hear the deluxe edition.

    I was satisfied w/ her collaborations w/ Ladytron & Sia since I listened (including Goldfrapp) to all of their albums before Bionic came so that I could imagine & get a full grasp of what was to come.

    • I agree, I would LOVE that! The original idea Christina had before, and even before Burlesque…the tracks like Not Myself Tonight, WooHoo, I Hate Boys were all recorded after the movie. I wonder what Bionic would have been like if it were released back in 2009, things would have been SO different then I think. Maybe I should make a post about it…

      • Xadax says:

        It would be interesting.

        Wow, I thought Not Myself Tonight was the only song made after Burlesque. I didn’t know WooHoo & I Hate Boys were too – new information for me!

        Its kinda obvious though that the said 3 songs were made after Burlesque because it sounded like a last minute call before the deadline esp. when you hear that sample from Sexy Back in her lead single.

        But I wanna give props on that sample used in WooHoo. I mean it was almost unrecognizable that it came from a Hungarian song.

        • ^I thought WooHoo’s sample was from a Spanish song? but I think NMT, WooHoo, IHB, and POSSIBLY Vanity (produced by Ester Dean..the writer on all those songs) were all added after Burlesque. soooo it’s very interesting, especially since NMT, WH, and IHB were all produced by Polow Da Don who Christina admitted was a “label suggestion” hmmmm. I think this album would have been VERY different had it been released when it was originally planned to be and not compromised by the label…songs like Glam just sound outdated now!

          • Xadax says:

            She didn’t even co-write these songs esp. NMT. She even humbly admitted it from an interview.

  3. What a great remix from an album that is (largely) arse-kicking. Agreed: a shame that Christina or whoever has/is the author-function didn’t have the courage of their convictions. It’s a really interesting album; fascinating and a bit weird to hear electro done by someone who can really sing… and no offense here to any of the interested parties, as I love the genre’s grit and it’s also awesome to hear Christina move away from the middle of the musical road.
    It sucks that CDs are given about ten minutes to make it these days before companies and artists are forced to disown them and move on. Most people are idiots, I guess.

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